Open Horizons EMEA Summit 2017


Effective: 10 Mar 2017 | We are still working on the Agenda/Session Details. Please return later for updates.
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OES in the 21st Century... You think you know it all - about OES. Think again ... come and experience how we are re-inventing OES behind the scenes with on-prem and public cloud storage support - with that touch of familiarity you have appreciated all along but also allowing you to embrace the new age innovations. OES
Monitoring Micro Focus, SUSE, GWAVA and beyond - powered by Check_MK In this hotlab you will get a general overview garnished with further insights on monitoring your state-of-the-art Micro Focus, GWAVA and SUSE infrastructure with Check_MK based on Arm architecture devices. Learn how to calm down false alerts and automate your agent updates. Design and run customized SLA reports on your mission critical services. The Check_MK Monitoring System is a comprehensive Open-Source-Solution for IT-Monitoring developed around the proven Nagios-core. It provides professional monitoring of applications, operating systems, hardware, networks and processing centres. Statistics can be collected and recorded over long periods. The innovative architecture of Check_MK and OMD offer numerous advantages in comparison to other Nagios-based solutions like Automatic Service-Detection, Rule-based, hierarchical configuration, Distributed monitoring with livestatus featuring over 1200 included check-plugins and high performance monitoring through passive checks. System
iPrint primer for your print ecosystem Learn how to deploy and configure the iPrint appliance and take advantage of the new capabilities of iPrint to suit your printing requirements. Learn about printing without an iPrint client, deploy ID card authentication, control printers visibility and print to existing windows print queues to name a few of the topics being covered. iPrint has you covered, whether you want to use it or sell it, be it as an Appliance or the new features that will be in OES. OES
Keep control of your storage environment Who has rights on your filesystem, should they have rights? Rights reports are more and more important as part of a security strategy, not only on third party systems but also on your Filesystems. Learn How File Reporter is able to assist in giving clear answers and see how StorageManager can remediate some of your security challenges. FMS

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14:00 - 17:30OES in the 21st Century ...
09:00 - 12:30Keep control of your storage environment
14:00 - 17:30iPrint primer for your print ecosystem
09:00 - 12:30Monitoring Micro Focus, SUSE, GWAVA and beyond - powered by Check_MK