Open Horizons EMEA Summit 2017

Endpoint Management

Effective: 07 Mar 2017 | We are still working on the Agenda/Session Details. Please return later for updates.
Title Description Category
Create your own Application Store using ZCM Service Desk The lab shows how to configure Service Desk to run together with ZENworks. We will import Workstations, mobile Devices and ZENworks bundles through the new wizard. We will use those imported bundles to fill the Store with applications and add Services. Workflows will provide approvals
Service Desk
Deploying and Managing Windows 10 with ZENworks 2017 This lab will focus on deploying and managing Windows 10 with core applications like Office 365, Java and Adobe Reader. In this lab we will use two 3rd party tools: ENGL Imaging Toolkit and Bundle Commander for convenience and speed. After the initial OS deployment you will learn to use the new features in ZENworks 2017 (e.g. the new ZENworks application 'zapp') to manage the Start Menu, Edge and IE, your core applications and other Windows 10 related aspects like the new 'as a service' model.
Managing Mobile Devices with ZCM 2017 This lab shows the new mobile device management features from ZENworks 2017. You will configure ZENworks to include iOS and Android devices, offer policy based security and implement iOS bundles. Additionally, you will find out how to use the upcoming ZENworks Mobile Workspace to securely access your GroupWise email, calendar and contacts, browse the web and access files from your mobile devices.
Turbo speed on Micro Focus Desktop Containers In this session you will learn to package applications using Micro Focus Desktop Containers. The session will cover both the traditional snapshot type packaging and will also show you how to create your virtual app by running the installation within an empty container. In the session we'll also look at how to utilize the Desktop Container Server and learn the benefits of using this in your environment.
ZENworks under the hood This session will learn you all you need to know about what happens on your ZENworks server. Learn about the useful info you can get from your ZENworks Diagnostics page and learn about the maintenance you can perform on your ZENworks database. Obviously we'll also have a look at what happens on your workstations, managing your Windows 10 device is more than assigning bundles and deploying an image, in this session you will learn how ZENworks will perform these tasks and how to troubleshoot issues if problems do show up.

Endpoint Timeslots
14:00 - 17:30Create your own Application Store using ZCM Service Desk
09:00 - 12:30Deploying and Managing Windows 10 with ZENworks 2017
14:00 - 17:30Turbo speed on Micro Focus Desktop Containers
09:00 - 12:30Managing Mobile Devices with ZCM 2017
14:00 - 17:30ZENworks under the hood
14:00 - 17:30Deploying and Managing Windows 10 with ZENworks 2017