Open Horizons EMEA Summit 2017

ISV Partner Track

Effective: 10 March 2017 | We are still working on the Agenda/Session Details. Please return later for updates.
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Archiving 2.0 powered by Retain The new version of Retain just has been released! Retain 4.1 is, at its core, a unified Archiving 2.0 suite for GroupWise. Aside from direct email archiving, Retain also archives data created on mobile devices and manages social media and instant messages. And the session is getting technical - you will learn all there is to know about GroupWise archiving. From the installation to the most important settings. After this workshop, you will be a Retain Pro!

GroupWise Management solutions: GWAVA Reload 5, Reload for Retain and Vertigo Reload, Reload for Retain: The current version of the fastest backup & disaster recovery tool for GroupWise is coming with a new Collector/Server Model. We will give you a technical overview about what’s new. Reload for Retain will also be part of the presentation. And to complete this GroupWise Backup + Management session we will give you an update on Vertigo so you can use its mailbox management features to full capacity.

Messaging Security, Email Management
SEP Backup & Recovery
SEP sesam delivers full featured backup and disaster recovery solutions for SUSE Linux Operating Systems. It also supports OES and all the services on top. SEP’s data protection solution for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and OES is certified since long and always for the latest versions. High performance backups and even more important – fast data recovery capabilities!
SEP sesam, is a cost effective, scalable and reliable backup and recovery solution for SAP HANA and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES®) is the recommended and supported OS for SAP HANA. A complete bare metal recovery of a server with SEP sesam BSR, are key features for companies and organizations depending on the availability of their IT infrastructure. SEP sesam Hybrid Backup is certified for SAP4HANA on Linux on IBM Power System and all Linux on x86 Hardware e.g. Lenovo, Fujitsu.

Backup & Restore
Behind the curtain of Vibe - plugins & debugging powered by FairCom c-tree FairCom has ported MicroFocus Vibe to its high performance multi-model database c-treeACE. In the process of this port FairCom has acquired in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the source code and the database layer of Vibe. This session will share the most interesting lessons learned.

Building your own Setup Store in ZENworks Configuration Management with Setup Commander Service Edition Every ZENworks Administrator knows about Bundle Commander, its 'Configuration Wizards as a service' and its 'Setup Store'. Bundle Commander is a ZENworks 3rd party solution which quickly creates Windows bundles for most popular Windows applications. In this lab you will learn about how the new upcoming 'Setup Commander Service Edition' product can be used to integrate this technology natively into ZENworks. With this technology a ZENworks Administrator can create his own 'ZENworks Setup Store', which is automatically updated based on subscription technology.

The Future Workplace - session delivered by special guest
Kai Reichert
 In the Workplace we see disruptive innovations, radical thinking, new business models, along with talent and resource scarcity impacting every business sector we are seeing. Digital Technologies are shattering boundaries in the Workplace - working itself into every nook and crevice of an organisation and this is breaking down silos and hierarchies and accelerates the evolution of organizations into more fluid and flatter networked forms. This is enabling a workforce that is virtual, mobile, and flexible enabling talent to work without walls at a speed and scale not possible in the past.
This interactive workshop will try to shed some light on what is going on, how this affects companies, employees, business partners and vendors.
Let’s talk about what it means for you, how does it translate to your work and what to expect in the future.

Go hiking, fishing or skiing
If you use SKyPRO's IDM AddOn's for your Identity Management solution you out of a sudden will have a lot of spare time you can either use for more challenging tasks within your company or for your hobby. E.g. use PowerRole for mass imports of resources, roles or role assignments. Use our IDM Toolbox, to design drivers, workflow or mail forms, to document your drivers, workflows or schema extensions or to do mass modification or mass migration on LDAP directories. Experience our LDAP cacher to speed up your LDAP queries in workflows. Use our LDAP REST API to do REST calls on any LDAP directory. Last but non least monitor and report your IDM engine, your drivers and your workflows with our Audit & Compliance dashboard.

Getting Serious With Security? SSO v SLO This session will help you understand how IdP (Identity Provider) initiated Single LogOut works and what it is in comparison with SingleSignOn. Your task is to configure KeyShield SSO for GroupWise and GWAVA or Retain or Zenworks Service Desk along with 2 Factor Authentication with Vibe or Filr. Real HWtokens and readers will be a part of the lab. If you complete the task before the end of the session then move on to Radius Accounting based SSO configuration against a real network appliance. Single Sign On
Getting Serious With Security? Act before that leak of sensitive data hits you. Your task during this session is not easy - you will play the role of an ICT manager of an imaginary company responsible for several teams, thousands of devices, numerous information systems, certificates and configuration files. How do you keep all your secrets in secret but let your teams work effectively? See how SecureAnyBox provides practical solutions for businesses. The bonus for those who successfully complete the task within the time allowed is to learn how to improve the security of local workstation accounts, laptops and servers. Password Management
ShareOnVibe and beyond: Get a better Vibe with Code and Concept’s new range of 'co3tools'
After the success of ShareOnVibe, visionary Micro Focus partner Code and Concept is about to release several more products to turn your Vibe system into a better tool for users or for administrators. With Vibe being adopted and rolled out in more and more organisations, the features being added to Vibe are not keeping up with customer demand. This is where co3tools steps in to help with a number of tools for you. Users can get a better looking site and will profit from some detail fixes that have been missing for too long, administrators will get better insights into their system and some long asked-for functionality. As always, co3tools focuses on upgrade-safe extensions to your system with minimal impact on your upgrade procedure. In this session we will show you some of these tools which will be released into the wild very soon - so Vibe customers can get their own better Vibe. Oh, and Filr customers can profit, too.


14:00 - 15:45The Future Workplace - session delivered by special guest Kai Reichert
15:45 - 17:30SEP Backup & Recovery for SUSE SLES & OES
09:00 - 10:45Getting Serious With Security? SSO vs. SLO
10:45 - 12:30Behind the curtain of Vibe - plugins & debugging powered by FairCom c-tree
14:00 - 15:45Go hiking, fishing or skiing
15:45 - 17:30Archiving 2.0 powered by Retain
09:00 - 10:45ShareOnVibe and beyond: Get a better Vibe with Code and Concept’s new range of 'co3tools'
10:45 - 12:30Getting Serious With Security? Act before that leak of sensitive data hits you.
14:00 - 15:45GroupWise Management solutions: GWAVA Reload 5, Reload for Retain and Vertigo