NYSAEYC 2017 Annual Conference

Keynote Speakers

Welcoming Keynote
Ron Shuali
Founder of Shua Life Skills, Speaker, Motivator, Educator

The Empowered Educator
Thursday, March 30th - 7:30pm – 8:30pm
This keynote will introduce three innovative techniques to improve communication with children and other adults in your educational environment. First, participants will examine through a real-world perspective why a child or adult may be displaying behavior that warrants a correction. Second, we will learn how to give a staff
member a recommendation that leaves them empowered to make the suggested change subsequently helping them move past any wall of resistance. And, finally, participants will examine how showing empathy in a stressful situation can prevent it from escalating. These three techniques will positively shift the energy and effectiveness of the entire program.

Featured Workshop
Friday, 10:30am – 12:00pm
Participants will be introduced to a movement system that incorporates age-appropriate martial arts and yoga while teaching life skills, such as respect and belly breathing. The Yogarate class begins with a high-energy, body strength-building, respect-filled martial arts class followed by a smooth transition into a yoga practice inclusive of sun salutations and a calming medication. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to teach a full 30-minute Yogarate class. Namastahyah!

Ron has spent over 15 years working and presenting in the education marketplace. He is an author, top motivational speaker and presenter with expertise in the preschool and elementary school arena. His study of martial arts, yoga, reiki and improv rounds out a powerful champion for what is right and good. When
Ron is not empowering school staff, parents and students, he and his team of instructors at Shua Life Skills are teaching children his award-winning Yogarate® program at many preschools.

Opening Keynote
Sherry Cleary
Executive Director of the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute
Co-Chair of Governor Cuomo’s Early Childhood Advisory Council

Sherry wrote an original article for us for our Winter, 2017 Reporter newsletter.  Take a look at it here: Who Am I in the Lives of Young Children?

The Power of the Professional: Who am I in the lives of young children?
Friday, March 31st - 8:30am – 9:30am
Early childhood professionals take personal and professional responsibility every day for the impact they have on the lives of young children. We each have enormous power, influence and energy, as well as knowledge, creativity, and a range of other gifts. How do we use all of this to make a difference in the lives of young children? First we must understand ourselves and our value; then intentionally translate that to action. Let’s honor that value and acknowledge our impact!

Featured Workshop
Reflections from the Field: Leadership at Every Level
Friday, March 31st - 10:30am-12:30pm
A panel of teachers, directors, and non-profit leaders will discuss their work, what inspires them, and how they manage the challenges and barriers to do their best work.

As Executive Director of the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute at the City University of New York, Sherry Cleary leads the work of a dynamic, intelligent, and passionate team dedicated to building essential systems to insure a highly effective early childhood workforce for the state of New York. She co-chairs the Governor’s Early Childhood Advisory Council for the State of New York and is currently a candidate for President of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Ms. Cleary has worked in the field of early childhood education first as a classroom teacher, then in higher education and administration for 40 years.

Closing Keynote
Enrique Feldman
Founder of Global Learning Ventures, Grammy-Nominated Artist, and Children’s Book Author

Enrique shared an original article with us for our Winter, 2017 Reporter newsletter.  It will be at our members' doorsteps shortly, but in the meantime, take a look at it here - INSPIRATION: MUSIC, PERSPECTIVE, AND IMPROVISATION.

The Art of Inspiration
Saturday, April 1st - 3:30pm – 4:30pm
You will not only experience inspiration but also learn how to inspire others. Enrique will guide you as you go on an adventure that will touch your heart, make you laugh, and ignite your curiosity. From brain games for children and adults, to perspective-building experiences, to personal stories of challenge and triumph; you will leave this keynote with concrete strategies and life-changing concepts.

Featured Workshop
Artistic Storytelling
Friday, April 1st - 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Through the use of music, learn how to make the transition from reading to storytelling; and as a natural byproduct, create a desire within children to want to read. You will experience how to prepare children for optimal learning with play-based breathing strategies. Finally, you will be guided through adult stress reduction techniques to help you enter your own peak zone for guiding young learners.

Enrique is an Artist and Educator who’s influence is worldwide. His highlights include, but are not limited to, Founder and Director of Education at the Global Learning Foundation, co-author of the children’s book series “Sam the Ant”, Creator of iBG, Intellectual Brainwave Games, Senior Facilitator for Arts Integration Solutions, and author of “Living Like a Child”. Together with a team of world class educators and artists, and their partner organizations, Enrique fosters sustainable, organic and research-based learning models which develop the potential of the learner with the intent of revealing purpose.

As an artist, Enrique is a film composer (Gun Hill Road/Cruzando), pianist and producer. He is a former professor of music and education at the University of Arizona and the University of Wisconsin. His journey in life is interwoven with his wife and concert pianist Marie Sierra, their 18 year old son, Nick, and their 22 year old daughter, Sam.

Ron Shuali