NonStop TBC 2017
Pre-Conference Seminar
Sunday, November 12, 2017

The cost to attend the Pre-Conference Seminar is $250.
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Join us before Boot Camp for presentations from our partners.

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How to Comply with PCI 3.2 - Multi Factor Authentication

One of the main areas that has changed in PCI-DSS 3.2 is the requirement for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is required for all non-console administrative access to the Cardholder Data Environment (CDE). Anyone who has access to the CDE (NonStop systems or applications) from anywhere other than the NonStop System Console is now required to be authenticated using MFA.

Many NonStop Security Administrators can implement MFA using tools they already have.

XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) is included on all HPE NonStop servers shipped since September, 2013. XUA Integrates NonStop authentication with a variety of authentication mechanisms, including Active Directory, LDAP, RADIUS and RSA SecurID. These provide MFA support for the HPE NonStop Server, addressing the PCI DSSrequirement for all non-console based access “out of the box”.

Join XYPRO for a NonStop TBC Pre-Conference Education session, taking you through implementing XUA for Multi-factor authentication in a NonStop environment as well as securing your NonStop against today’s threats and addressing compliance.

Sign up for this pre-con session and learn how to take advantage of the rich security tools you already have on your HPE NonStop server.



A Practical Approach to Tuning NonStop SQL Queries

Improving the performance of your SQL queries is often the easiest and safest way to help reduce response time and increase throughput.

SQL query tuning is the process of adjusting a SQL query to make it run faster, while returning the same results as before.

Join Merlon and XYPRO for a NonStop TBC Pre-Conference Education session that describes a practical approach to query tuning using the Merlon SQLXPress Visual Query Tuner.

During the session you will learn how to:

  • Understand the existing execution plan.
  • Determine the desired execution plan.
  • Change the database or query to get the desired plan.
  • Confirm that the new plan improves performance.

Register for this pre-con session and learn how to apply a disciplined approach to improving both NonStop SQL/MX and NonStop SQL/MP query performance.


8:00am-12:00pm Make your NonStop Security Dreams Come True. (An Interactive Workshop)

While many vendors bring individual products to the security market, CSP has recently announced Protect-X® which is a framework with potentially unlimited integration of platform security solutions under one, ultra-modern architecture.

Viewed from a purely technical perspective, CSP presents an interactive workshop where the full potential of Protect-X® as an automated platform security and compliance solution will be revealed. We will deep dive into the features of Protect-X® and the importance of CSP-Wiki® in its compliance functions. CSP’s CTO, Callum Barclay and Chief Architect, Seva Zagainov, will give a look into the future to outline the hidden power of this HTML5, browser-based solution. We will discuss with you, the NonStop user, how existing customer needs and applications can be integrated and how new security requirements can be easily and quickly delivered using Agile development techniques.

Whether it be Safeguard controls, Audit management, OSS command control, UNIX/LINUX platform integration, or whatever you want to see implemented for automation of NonStop platform security; during two, 90 minute interactive and informal sessions we will ask NonStop customers: "How can we make your NonStop security dreams come true?”


Callum Barclay
Chief Technologist

Seva Zagainov
Chief Software Architect


* For registered attendees only


Tech Talk: How to best deploy Enterprise-wide data protection with your NonStop

Implementing data protection that is solid, scalable and reliable is on the agenda of many organizations. It is not an easy task though as the systems that need to be protected and the systems that provide protection are always absolutely mission-critical to the business.

As an expert for NonStop, you know a thing or two about mission-critical systems, so let’s take a close look together at how a NonStop-based data tokenization suite can be leveraged to secure sensitive data across the whole enterprise. In this session you will learn about the core concepts of comForte’s data security suite, SecurDPS, and you will gain an understanding of the flexible deployment options that allow an organization to seamlessly provide data protection inside and outside of the NonStop world. Don’t miss this seminar if you want to find out how your existing NonStop can play a further strategic role in your organization.


Henning Horst
Global Director, R&D

Brad Poole
Senior Solutions Architect


Git on Guardian - The Next Generation SCM Ecosystem for NonStop

Git has allowed Source Code Management (SCM) to become mainstream these past few years. Code now can move seamlessly and with complete audit trails across networks, teams, and platforms. With NSGit, GUARDIAN components can be managed by Git and benefit from the rich eco-system that continues to expand.

This session goes into detail on how Git works on OSS and how the NSGit product brings GUARDIAN into the Git world. The Git eco-system of specific interest to the NonStop community will be described, including the pieces to make it all work well. Standard SCM use cases will be described and demos will be shown on managing GUARDIAN software assets (source code and system objects). Graphical tools will also be shown that help take the mystery out of SCM, the code review approval process, and software distribution and installation.


Randall Becker
Managing Director
Nextbridge, Inc.

1:00pm-5:00pm DSM/SCM Refresh and introduction to NonStop Essentials to manage software installation

This workshop will give you a chance to refresh your DSM/SCM knowledge and will update you with the latest updates on DSM/SCM. The second Part of the Workshop will be used to introduce NonStop Software Essentials and demonstrate how to “Manage NonStop Software” but also how to make your Applications ready to get used with DSM/SCM with the new Package Software component.