NonStop TBC 2017
2017 Speakers
Kelvin Anderson
ISD Support Lead, NonStop Systems
Navy Federal Credit Union
Kristy Andrews
HPE NonStop Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Kristy Andrews is the technical leader for the TNS architecture emulation suite of products for TNS/X, including object code translation and interpretation. In her tenure at Tandem, Compaq, HP, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, she has worked on low-level millicode support for NonStop, source-to-source translation, and TNS architecture emulation on x86, on Itanium, and on MIPS. She holds Computer Science degrees from University of California at Berkeley and from University of Washington.
Navneet Aurora
HPE NonStop Engineering
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Navneet is a senior member of the NED performance team. Most recently he has been responsible for delivering performance information for the Multi-core blade NonStop servers. He is keenly interested in all aspects of the NonStop server particularly related to its performance as an unique end-to-end fault tolerant, continuously available transactional server.
Callum Barclay
As the original founder of CSP in 1987, Callum Barclay leads the technical direction of the company from its headquarters outside Toronto, Canada. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Callum is now heavily involved in bringing pioneering security and compliance solutions to HP NonStop customers.
Wendy Bartlett
Distinguished Technologist
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Randall Becker
Managing Director
Nextbridge, Inc.
Randall is a speaker, author, and consultant on Process that delivers continuous availability in the NonStop and Manufacturing arenas. He has been an expert in Software Configuration and Change Management since 1989, being a co-author of RMS and directly involved in the git port to NonStop OSS. Randall is also the primary author of NSGit. Randall can be contacted at: +1.416.984.9826 or rsbecker@nexbridge
Andy Bergholz
Vice President, Development of HPE NonStop
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Andrew is responsible for defining the NonStop Vision and developing core technologies. He provides overall leadership and direction for strategy, architecture, development, quality assurance, and program management for the NonStop Business Unit.
Derrell Boggs
Enterprise Solution Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Sarah Booth
HPE Business Services Manager for Pointnext, Mission Critical Solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Sarah Booth is the Business Services Manager within the HPE Pointnext organization focused on HPE Mission Critical Solutions including NonStop, Integrity, HP-UX and OpenVMS.  Sarah has worked in various engineering and business management capacities at Digital Equipment Corp, Compaq and HPE.
Bob Byrom
HPE NonStop Engineering
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Robert (Bob) Byrom has worked on the NonStop platform for 25 years as a software engineer. Originally trained in mathematics at MIT and Stanford, he began work at Tandem Computers in 1988, when part of the TMDS automated fault analysis subsystem was written in the LISP programming language. Over the following years, Bob has worked on the design and development of successive NonStop service subsystems: SysHealth, TSM, CSSI Guided Procedures, and HPE OSM. New hardware platforms, new interconnects, new software technologies, massive scaling, and coordination with management tools such as HPE SIM have brought a number of challenges to solve. In recent years, Bob has taken a specialized interest in encryption and computer security. He commutes by bicycle when possible. As time permits, he follows recent developments in mathematics and the sciences, particularly those concerning the Higgs field. Bob listens to classical guitar to relax, and greatly enjoys the practice of his musically talented children and wife.
Andrés Roberto Jiménez Cardona
Banco Agrario de Colombia
Karen Copeland
Manager, HP NonStop Product Management
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Raphael Davison
Director, HPE Blockchain
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Raphael is HPE’s worldwide Director for Blockchain. He has almost 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining HPE in 2015, Raphael spent over nine years at IBM focused on the development of large transformational Strategic Services deals in Financial Services and other industries. Before joining IBM, Raphael spent over 18 years leading IT for three different companies including strategic management consulting, commercial real estate, and retail and commercial energy.
Marcelo de Azevedo
HPE NonStop Engineering Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Marcelo is the Clustering Architect responsible for the HPE NonStop X Cluster Solution. He has been with HPE/HP/Compaq/Tandem since 1997. Marcelo has led the development of four generations of clustering solutions for the NonStop platform, including clustering products based on the RoCE, InfiniBand, and ServerNet interconnects. He is also an architect for the NonStop OS Message System and HPE Virtualized NonStop.  Marcelo has a PhD from the University of California, Irvine. He works in the HPE facility in Austin, TX.
Paul Denzinger
Distinguished Technologist / HPE NonStop Solutions Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Paul Denzinger began his career with Tandem in 1985 and worked in various capacities throughout his tenure at Tandem, Compaq and Hewlett-Packard.  As an HP Distinguished Technologist, Paul has provided architectural consulting and technical support to customers worldwide for applications as diverse as high-performance trading systems as well as very large database systems.  In addition to his focus on relational DB technology, Paul spent several years working with no-SQL big data products in HP’s Business Critical Systems unit.  He currently is a member of the NonStop Enterprise Solutions and Architecture team for the Americas, focusing mainly on NonStop database solutions. 
Jonathan Deveaux
Marketing Manager
Jonathan Deveaux works in Partner management and Marketing at comForte since 2015. He has expertise with electronic payments in the financial industry, as well as IT hardware and infrastructure management.
Jack Di Giacomo
Jack Di Giacomo has over 30 years of experience in the design, development and support of HPE NonStop software solutions. His early experience included the software architecture of replication-oriented products. As a developer in those formative years of Tandem, Jack recognized the need for additional tools that at the time were unavailable to software professionals. In 1993, Jack started TANDsoft as a means to offer such solutions. Today, as president of TANDsoft Inc., a company specializing in interception technology, he continues to oversee the company’s innovation, marketing, and support of an expanding line of products for the NonStop community.
Marty Edelman
Creative System Software
Since retiring from The Home Depot, Marty Edelman has provided strategic guidance to organizations wishing to modernize their IT infrastructures. While at The Home Depot, he was the director of Payment Services. Edelman has been involved with HPE (Tandem, Compaq, HPE and HPE) for more than 30 years. As an employee, end user, and independent consultant. He founded a small consultancy firm that specialized in developing high-volume mission-critical solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He and his team helped to build the UPS Tracking System, the NYSE Consolidated Trade and Quote systems, and the SWIFT next-generation computing platform.
Ozen Ercevik
HPE NonStop Product Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Ozen is a member of HP NonStop product management team. He manages a number of products including NonStop tape products, networking CLIMs, and NonStop manageability products. He joined NonStop in 2000 and took roles in NonStop hardware development and sustaining. He has an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Mark Evenson
HPE NonStop Engineering Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mark is a NonStop kernel architect responsible for the Process Scheduler, Message System, and Core Licensing. He has been with the NonStop group since 2007, and worked in Unix (HP-UX) kernel development for a number of years prior to that. He works in the HPE facility in Palo Alto, CA.
Hamman Ferreira
Chief Technology Officer
Bankserv Africa
John Furlong
HPE NonStop Product Manager
John has over thirty years experience working on the HPE NonStop platform. He is responsible for the design of the SQLXPress Visual Query Tuner.
Ruben Garcia
HPE Pointnext Education
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Vincent Guerrera
Regional Sales Manager
NuWave Technologies
Vincent Guerrera is NuWave’s regional sales manager for the Americas. He started doing sales after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University in 2003. His love for technology and his background in computer science brought him to NuWave Technologies in 2016.
Scott Harline
HPE NonStop Engineering
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Symon Havinga
Nordea Bank
Elaine Herren
HPE NonStop Engineering
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Elaine is a senior member of the NonStop Manageability team. She is the architect and project lead for NonStop Database Analyzer (NSDA) and the Essentials family of products. Most recently she has been involved in working on the first release of NSDA and defining the future direction of NonStop database manageability. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley.
Chinami Higashibata
DXC Technology
Dr. Bill Highleyman
Managing Editor
Availability Digest
Dr. Bill Highleyman (D.E.E.) has had decades of experience in running small companies. He is founder of MiniData Corporation, Sombers Associates, Inc., The Sombers Group, Inc., and NetWeave Corporation. He specializes in the development of highly available, mission-critical computer systems. Dr. Bill has authored or coauthored four books on computer technology, and he holds twelve patents. He is currently President of Sombers Associates and is Managing Editor of the Availability Digest, a monthly periodical on computer-system availability.
Satoko Hirano
Senior IT Specialist
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Paul J. Holenstein
Executive Vice President
Mr. Paul J. Holenstein, Executive Vice President, Gravic, Inc., has direct responsibility for the Gravic, Inc. Shadowbase Products Group and is a Senior Fellow at Gravic Labs, the company’s intellectual property group. He has previously held various positions in technology consulting companies, from software engineer through technical management to business development, beginning his career as a Tandem (HPE NonStop) developer in 1980. His technical areas of expertise include high availability designs and architectures, data replication technologies, heterogeneous application and data integration, and communications and performance analysis. Mr. Holenstein holds many patents in the field of data replication and synchronization, writes extensively on high and continuous availability topics, and co-authored Breaking the Availability Barrier, a three-volume book series. He received his BSCE from Bucknell University, a MSCS from Villanova University, and is an HPE Master Accredited Systems Engineer (MASE).
William G. Holenstein
Senior Manager, Product Delivery
Mr. William G. Holenstein, Senior Manager of Product Delivery, manages the Product Delivery department for the Shadowbase product line, which includes Support, QA, and Training/Documentation. He joined our organization as a software developer in the late 1980's. During his time with the company, Mr. Holenstein worked at many professional services sites, performing a wide array of software tasks ranging from data acquisition, heterogeneous connectivity and high level application software on a variety of platforms. He regularly participates in Shadowbase customer installations and software projects as either a team leader or project manager. He received his undergraduate degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova University, and has taken masters classes in international business and new business ventures at Penn State University’s Great Valley Campus.
Henning Horst
Global Director, R&D
Henning Horst leads comForte's global Research and Development team. In various positions at comForte Henning worked in many security projects with and at clients around the world, gathering deep insights into the needs of payment and mission critical environments.
Prashanth Kamath U
HPE NonStop Product Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Prashanth is the HPE Product Manager responsible for the NonStop OS, RVUs and Security. He has over 20 years of experience as a developer and engineering manager in the software industry spanning across Telco and Mission Critical OS’. He is an Electronics graduate from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal (India) and has done Post Graduate diploma in business management from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (India).
Yash Kapadia
When CEO Yash Kapadia left his tenure as a developer at Tandem Computers, he did not abandon the NonStop platform. Instead, he founded Opsol Integrators, whose team is known worldwide for successfully completing mission-critical custom integration projects on time and well within fixed-price requirements. At Tandem, Yash participated in numerous assignments for customers such as Wells Fargo, United Airlines, and John Deere. Yash’s experience with the financial and retail industries led to the creation of OmniPayments, a financial-transaction switch that runs on NonStop but easily ports to open-source applications.
Nishizaki Kazuki
Mr. Kazuki, Nishizaki of Seven Bank is in charge of IT manager. He joined relay server renewal PJ as a project leader.
Khody Khodayari
CEO and Founder
Khody is a long standing contributor to the NonStop community with emphasis in operation and performance management. With the support of his team at Idelji, NonStop customers, and colleagues from HPE, Khody's innovations in the areas of automation and cloud based analytics have significantly improved productivity across the NonStop community. His current focus is on Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and smart contracts.
Robert Klein
Security Solutions Specialist
Rob has worked on Tandem/NonStop since 1993 as an operator, application support tech, system administrator, and security administrator. Currently he is a Security Solutions Specialist for XYPRO.
Jim Knudsen
Sales Engineer
Franz König
HPE NonStop ATC Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Franz König manages the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), a global team of some of the most senior NonStop architects, technologists and consultants. Besides his strong software technology, architecture and consulting background, Franz brings deep  innovation management and strategy/business/technology planning skills. Franz holds a degree in electrical engineering, an M.Sc. degree in Innovation Management and an MBA from the Austrian Business School & Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.
Roland Lemoine
HPE NonStop Product Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Roland Lemoine has been working on NonStop for 22 years and is currently product manager for database, languages and development products. Previous experience includes customer support for middleware products, Open Source advocacy and a strong UNIX background.
Rob Lesan
Senior Solutions/Security Architect; Connect President
Rob joined XYPRO in January 2012 with over 20 years of NonStop experience ranging from operations and database management through security management and systems programming. Prior to XYPRO, Rob worked for a number of large NonStop installations, his last being America Online where he was responsible for maintaining the companies worldwide authentication complex. Rob has also been a XYGATE professional since the mid 1990’s.
Jari Lietzen
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Andy Linn
Taiwan Stock Exchange Vice President
Taiwan Stock Exchange Vice President
Roger Lipp
HPE NonStop Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Roger has been in Quality for HPE for 32 years. He has made his career at HPE bringing in fresh technologies and new ways of thinking. He has had a significant impact on how NonStop delivers on our promise of outstanding quality.
Phil Ly
President and Founder
TIC Software
Phil Ly is the president and founder of TIC Software, a New York-based company specializing in software and services that integrate NonStop with the latest technologies, including SOA, .NET, Java and Cloud. Phil has personally worked on many modernization projects with NonStop customers, as well as architected many of TIC’s software products. Prior to founding TIC Software in 1983, Phil worked for Tandem Computers in technical support and software development.
Gustavo Martinez
System Manager
Red Link
Ron Meijer
HPE NonStop Education Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Randy Meyer
Vice President & General Manager, Solutions Global Business Unit
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Randy Meyer leads the Product Management, Strategy and Technology team for the NonStop Enterprise organization within HP. His team drives the overall strategic direction for the NonStop product family, works with enterprise customers and partners to architect, integrate and test solutions that take advantage of HP NonStop servers, and provides technical education to field support staff. With more than 25 years of experience in the computer industry, Meyer has held a variety of technical, financial management, product management and marketing management roles. He originally joined Tandem Computers in 1986 in product management and returned to the company in 1997. Among other positions in the start-up world, he was vice president of business development for NetFRAME Systems, a high-end network server manufacturer. Meyer holds a Bachelor of Science in economics and a Bachelor of Arts in computer science from the University of Minnesota, and a Master of Business Administration from Cornell University. 
Tom Miller
HPE NonStop Solutions Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Takeshi Miyake
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Keith Moore
HPE NonStop Solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Keith is a Master Technologist for the Americans NonStop Enterprise Solutions Architects Group, a veteran member Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), and is ISC2 CISSP Security certified. Keith’s focus is on real-time, “always-on” architectures, security and software design for enterprise usage. Most recently, Keith has been involved with application modernization efforts, enterprise cloud deployments, and real-time event-driven designs. He is currently involved with HP Labs and product development in integration techniques for cloud-enablement technologies. He is an annual featured speaker at HP’s Technology Forum and local User Group meetings. Keith also spends spare time working as a volunteer with universities and other groups sharing computer design and computer history. Keith joined HP in 1987 and has been in the IT industry over 35 years.
Jessica Nieves
VP Services
Jessica Nieves joined OmniPayments in 2015 as Vice President Services after over 14 years of experience in the transaction processing industry. She began her career as a software developer at Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (BPPR), has been managing development, strategy, and operations of various Banking Delivery Channels and Payments systems over the past 10 years at Evertec. Jessica now leads OmniPayments Client Services and Operations.
Jamie Pearson
Product Manager
Integrated Research
Jamie Pearson manages the Payments & Infrastructure monitoring solutions at IR. With over 25 years of product experience, Jamie understands the challenges faced in today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape. Jamie is passionate about helping to drive business value through greater insight into the performance of the most critical enterprise applications.
Lars Plum
HPE NonStopEngineering Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mark Pollans
Sr. WW Product Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mark is Hewlett Packard Enterprise's (HPE) Senior Worldwide Product Manager responsible for the HPE NonStop systems portfolio, including the HPE Integrity NonStop X (Xeon® based) and NonStop i (Itanium® based) systems, drive storage (SSD, HDD and SAN), and Business Continuity. Since 2007, he has orchestrated the release of multiple generations of NonStop systems. Mark has years of experience at HPE, largely in systems architecture, enterprise computing, and networking. Additionally, during his tenure at Hewlett-Packard Co., he has held various management and engineering positions in R&D and marketing for hardware and software projects.
Brad Poole
Senior Solutions Architect
Brad Poole is a Senior Solutions Architect at comForte Inc, specializing in HPE NonStop Security and Web services.
Andrew Price
Regional Manager, Asia Pacific
NuWave Technologies
Andrew Price has over 28 years of experience in the NonStop space. After working at Insession and ACI in numerous positions, including Director of Solutions Consulting and Sales Support, he moved on to XYPRO, where he was the Director of Product Management and then VP of Technology. Today, he is NuWave’s regional manager in the Asia Pacific; focusing on sales, business development, and first-level support in the region.
Marcus Pullen
HPE NonStop Pointnext Program Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mike Rice
HPE NonStop Engineering Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mike is the InfiniBand interconnect Architect for the HP NonStop X platform. He has been with HP Enterprise/HP/Compaq/Tandem since 1994. He is also an architect for the NonStop OS IB kernel, HSS and MEU subsystem.  He works in the HP Enterprise facility in Palo Alto, CA.
John Russell
Canam Software
John Russell joined Canam Software Labs in 1998 as a member of their consulting services team. He has worked on software projects as architect, developer, support analyst and project manager. In 2007, he took on the role of Product Manager and is responsible for Canam Software’s suite of products including XML Thunder for NonStop.
Shawn Sabanayagam
Chairman and CEO
Tributary Sustems
Martin Scheyhing
WW Product Manager - MCS Support
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
After starting his tenure at HP as an instructor for Novell certification classes, Martin spent the majority of his career in marketing, sales enablement, and program management roles for HPE products and services. Since 2012 he manages the global support offerings for HPE NonStop solutions and Integrity hardware - from new product introduction to end of support life (EOSL).
Prathima Sidda
Solutions Architect
Prathima Sidda dove into the NonStop world right after college. In a relatively short span of time, she has risen to manage the Quality Assurance team at Idelji. She also liaisons with HPE’s NonStop product management and GNSC teams to deliver customer satisfaction across the performance and operation management products.
Joel Sigman
HPE NonStop Solutions Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Joel Sigman is a Solution Architect supporting customers on the west coast of the US with over 37 years experience on NonStop. Joel provides presales and consulting to HP NonStop customers in the areas of application development, performance, web enabling applications and Service Oriented Architecture. Recently, Joel has been working with a NonStop solution partner to provide them with a Virtual NonStop environment for internal development and testing.
Justin Simonds
HPE NonStop Solutions Master Technologist
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Justin Simonds is a Master Technologist for the Americans Enterprise Solutions and Architecture group (ESA) under the business critical division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His focus is on real-time, event-driven architectures, business intelligence for major accounts and strategic business development. He is involved with HPE Labs on several pilot projects. He has worked on Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives and integration architectures for improving the reliability of IoT offerings. He has written articles and whitepapers for internal publication on Helion cloud, TCO/ROI, availability, business intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Converged Infrastructure. He has been published in Connection magazine. He is a featured speaker at HPE’s Technology Forum and at HPE’s Executive Briefing Center and at industry conferences such as the XLDB Conference at Stanford, IIBA and the Metropolitan Solutions Conference.
Manpreet Singh
Chief Product Officer
Manpreet is responsible for defining the ESQ Product and Technology strategy. He has been with ESQ for more than 10 years and has been involved in conception, design and development of various products for the HPE Nonstop platform.
Greg Stewart
HPE NonStop Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Greg Stewart is a Master Systems/Software Engineer in the NonStop Division within Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He is a developer on the TMF and Measure products. Greg has been in the NonStop Division for more than 30 years, having contributed to the operating system (NonStop OS, OSS, Standard Millicode), transaction monitoring (TS/MP, TMF), database (Enscribe, SQL/MP, SQL/MX), system and network monitoring (ViewPoint, Event Management System, Measure), and application development environment (TACL, TEDIT, host-based and cross-compilers, process snapshots, Inspect, Visual Inspect, Enterprise Toolkit - NonStop Edition, NonStop Development Environment for Eclipse). Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science and Mathematics, University of Oregon.
Greg Swedosh
Owner and Senior Consultant
Knightcraft Technology
Greg Swedosh is a specialist in security and PCI DSS compliance for the HPE NonStop platform, with a strong background in NonStop systems engineering. Having initially worked at Tandem Computers, he is now the owner and senior consultant of Knightcraft Technology and over the last two decades has provided NonStop professional services for a large range of customers in Asia-Pacific, the USA and Europe. He has also performed PCI DSS assessments for NonStop customers on behalf of a QSA. Greg is a regular presenter on NonStop security and compliance, he is the primary author of the technical white paper PCI DSS Compliance For HPE NonStop Servers and is a contributing author of the book Securing HP NonStop Servers In An Open Systems World. Greg can be contacted at A copy of his PCI DSS compliance white paper and previous security presentations can be downloaded from
Steve Tcherchian
Chief Information Security Officer
Steve Tcherchian, CISSP, PCI-ISA, PCIP is the Chief Information Security Officer and the Direct of Product Management for XYPRO Technology. Steve is on the ISSA CISO Advisory Board, the NonStop Under 40 executive board and part of the ANSI X9 Security Standards Committee. With almost 20 years in the cybersecurity field, Steve is responsible for strategy and innovation of XYPRO’s security product line as well as overseeing XYPRO’s risk, compliance and security to ensure the best experience to customers in the Mission-Critical computing marketplace.
Takahiro Terakura
Senior Solutions Architect
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Sylvain Tétreault
Sylvain Tétreault has been with ETI-NET for over 12 years and has a strong knowledge of the backup industry. Sylvain Tétreault also previously worked 15 years for Tandem and understand the customers’ NonStop requirements. He has BSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Montreal.
Jes Thamdrump
Raymond James
Jes has supported data systems at Raymond James for over 18 years. He currently serves as Data Engineer responsible for enterprise-wide systems. Prior to his current role, he supported Raymond James’ data warehouse as DBA. Jes holds a degree in computer science from the Danish Department of Computer Science.
Mark Thompson
HPE NonStop Support Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Ron Tischler
HPE NonStop Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Ron Tischler has worked for Tandem/Compaq/HP/HPE for 30 years, always in the compiler group.  He has worked on linkers (NLD, ELD, XLD), the TNS/X assembler (XAS) and xpTAL compiler, and the TNS/E compiler back end.
Alfredo Villarroel
HPE NonStop Sales, Chile
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mr. Villarroel has direct responsibility for the HPE NonStop Server business in Chile.  He began his career as a Tandem support engineer, then migrated from field support engineer through District Manager before making the leap to sales. 
Meg Watson
HPE Master Software Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Meg Watson is a Master Software Engineer in the Advanced Technology Center and is based in New Hampshire, USA.  Meg joined the NonStop Enterprise Division in 2008 and specializes in application modernization,  Java development and performance analysis, web services, and development methodologies and tools. Prior to joining NonStop, Meg was a developer and project leader in the OpenVMS operating system compiler group.  She has also worked on real-time software projects in the manufacturing sector.   Throughout her career Meg has been a champion of the use of development methodologies and tools for improving engineering productivity and software quality.
Susumu Yamamoto
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Seva Zagainov
Chief Software Architect
A skilled and passionate software developer, Seva Zagainov started exploiting software protection systems over twenty five years ago. Currently employed with Computer Security Products as Chief Software Architect he is mainly focused on creating intrusion detection and prevention systems. Seva’s previous experience with machine learning and Agile Development techniques is helping CSP bring new security solutions to the NonStop customer base.
John Zimsky
Master Support Specialist
Hewlett Packard Enterprise