NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2016
Enjoy a FULL DAY of Pre-Conference Seminars on November 13, 2016

Please Register in Advance! The cost to attend is $150 and includes breakfast and lunch.
To register, select the Pre-Conference Seminar on the OPTIONS page of the online registration form.


7:00 am -   Registration, Check In and Breakfast (Crystal Room)
8:00 am -   Getting the Most out of XMA & XUA
10:00 am - Layered Security
12:00 pm - Lunch
1:00 pm -   Enterprise tokenization and encryption powered by NonStop and comForte -
                 We show you how its done.
3:00 pm -   High speed data transfer using NSADI

8:00 am

Getting the Most out of XMA & XUA
Dave Teal, XYPRO

XYGATE Merged Audit (XMA) and XYGATE User Authentication (XUA) - security software bundled with your HPE NonStop Operating system - you have the tools to be more secure than you may realize.

This presentation will be provided in a "Classroom" style, a summary will be available for attendees of this seminar after Bootcamp.

10:00 am

Layered Security – How to leverage HPE and XYPRO solutions to build security defence in depth for your NonStop ecosystem
Steve Tcherchian, XYPRO

Cyber criminals are relentlessly driving to break into systems, get to data, wreak havoc and cause disruption to fulfill their malicious objectives. Keeping your most critical assets secure is challenging for any business. Limited staff, budgets and evolving criminal tactics can put you at a disadvantage. In this session, we will break down the walls of individual solutions to create a layered security model. We will walk security professionals through how to secure their NonStop systems and assets using a layered, defence in depth approach to security. Using security solutions provided by HPE and XYPRO, we will discuss how encryption, access control, auditing, analytics, intelligence and more can leverage each other and help you build the necessary layers and swing the advantage in your direction.

1:00 pm

Enterprise tokenization and encryption powered by NonStop and comForte - we show you how its done.
Stephen Tuska, comForte

In this workshop we will look at a typical payment processing scenario and show you how you can protect sensitive data  transparently in a NonStop and enterprise environment using tokenization and encryption provided by comForte's new Secure Data Protection Suite, SecurDPS.

3:00 pm

High speed data transfer using NSADI
Brad Poole, comForte

Based on the development and testing experience that comForte did as part of HPE's YUMA project we have embarked on a high speed managed file transfer project with our partner DataExpress. We will present the joint results, use cases and benefits.