Workshop Proposal Submission

What we are looking for:-

· Short (1.5 hour) interactive workshops that relate to one of the four themes of BEST (Behaviour, Environment, Social Inclusion & Equity and Treatment & Care) Framework

· Focused on potential for cross cutting interventions in delivery of programmes

· Cross-cutting in nature, incorporating the expertise across sectors and disciplines and that align with one of the four themes of the BEST Framework

· Incorporate perspectives from the AFRO, EMRO, PAHO, SEARO and WPRO regions

· Workshops that are truly participatory with a maximum of 30 minutes of formal presentations

· Focused on producing actionable outputs

Submission Form

This year, proposals will be submitted via web form. Please contact if you are having any difficulties with the online submission form.

Please review all requested fields before compiling the necessary information and completing the form. You will only be able to submit the form once for each proposed workshop.

Individuals are permitted to submit more than one proposal.

You may attach supporting documents to the form, if desired.

Selection Process

Prospective workshop organizers should submit the web form on or before midnight on Friday 7th July. Applications received after this time will not be considered by the Committee. 

The NNN Conference Committee will review proposals with a decision by the end of July.

If any participants of the proposed workshop require travel assistance a limited amount of support is available via the NNN Travel Awards Tab above.