21st Annual Investing in African Mining Indaba

2012 Mining Indaba – Sustainable Development

2012 Mining Conference

Mining Indaba 2012 will take place on 6-9 February 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa.
ICMM will be hosting two sessions:

ICMM CEO Panel: Tuesday 7 February 2012 – 16:58 to 17:38.
ICMM Sustainable Development at Mining Indaba: Thursday 9 Feb 2012 – 8:45 to 13:15.

ICMM CEO Panel: Linking Strategy to Sustainability
Tuesday 7 February 2012 / 16:58 - 17:38


  • Mark Cutifani, CEO, AngloGold Ashanti
  • Nick Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Gold Fields
  • Andre Wilkens, CEO, African Rainbow Minerals Limited

Moderator: Byron Kennedy, Brunswick Communications

ICMM member companies strive to integrate the challenges of sustainability into their core business practices. At last year’s panel we addressed how each company was tackling this issue.

In 2012 panelists will identify the three top sustainability challenges and how their own company’s response links back to their business plan.

Key items questions for discussion:

  • What are the three top sustainability issues facing their business in Africa in the next 20 years?
  • What about Climate Change?
  • Can mining as we know it survive in a low carbon economy?
  • How do you align your business strategy with increasing your contribution to growth and development while minimizing negative environmental impacts?
  • How do these challenges inform your company’s strategic planning?

ICMM Sustainable Development Session:
Thursday 9 February 2012/ 08:45 - 13:15

The ICMM CEO panel on Tuesday 7 February will be followed by a full morning dedicated to sustainable development.

In it, over 200 executives, policy makers and civil society representatives will attend discussions on how multi-stakeholder initiatives can contribute to Africa’s development as well as the challenges and opportunities of collaboration between mining companies and conservation organizations.

This session has been part of the Mining Indaba program for a number of years. ICMM has participated since 2007, but this is only the second time ICMM acts as a host of the event.

8:45–9:00 Welcoming Remarks

  • Introduce ICMM as host of the Sustainable Development session at Mining Indaba, and detail our raison d'être.
  • Explore ICMM’s commitment to sustainability in the industry and welcoming of partners.
  • Present an overview of multi-stakeholder participation.

Speaker: Aidan Davy, Director, ICMM

9:00–9:30 Keynote Address: Mining’s Contribution to Sustainable Development Speaker: Mamphela Ramphele, Chair - Gold Fields & Executive Chair - Letsema Circle

9:30–9:45 Q&A

9:45–11:15 Multi-stakeholder Initiatives and Mining: How can they contribute to Africa’s development?

Key Questions:

  • What benefits do multi-stakeholder initiatives bring?
  • What are the key challenges?
  • What difference can mining make in a developing economy?
  • Clare Short, Chair - Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)
  • Hugh Elliot, Head of Government Relations, Anglo American, PLC
  • Monika Weber-Fehr, Global Head - Chemicals Investments, IFC
  • Krista Hendry, Executive Director - The Fund for Peace
  • Moderator: Aidan Davy, Director, ICMM

11:15 –11:30 Coffee break

11:30 - 13:00 Strange Bedfellows: Mining and Conservation Working Together.

Key questions:

  • What is the business case for biodiversity conservation for the mining sector?
  • Our world is changing. What are the trends going forward – how will the ‘business case’ look different in 20 years time?
  • What are the biggest constraints to conservation and mining, and how can these be addressed?
  • Dr. Dennis Hosack, Programme Officer - Global Business and Biodiversity Programme, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
  • Dr. Jonathan Hutton, Director - UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
  • Peter Cunningham, Managing Director, Energy and Climate Change - Rio Tinto
  • Dr. Morné du Plessis, Chief Executive - World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), South Africa
  • Moderator: Aidan Davy, Director, ICMM

13:00 - 13:15 Sustainable Development Day Recap and action steps
Speaker: Aidan Davy, Director, ICMM


  • Summarize the day and highlight steps participants can take to implement the ideas discussed.

Mining Indaba's Corporate Social Responsibility Day is presented in partnership with:


The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) was established in 2001 to act as a catalyst for performance improvement in the mining and metals industry. Today, the organization brings together 18 mining and metals companies as well as 30 national and regional mining associations and global commodity associations to address the core sustainable development challenges faced by the industry. To learn more about this unique organisation, click here.