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Conference Keynote, Ben Casnocha
Innovation Spotlights
B.I.G. Talk
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MBA CSEA is an approved provider for the HR Certification Institute. Several sessions at this year’s conference have been submitted for pre-approved for continuing education credit. Check back soon for more information about which programs were approved.

Conference Keynote
Thursday, June 25th – 8:30-9:30AM
This session has been pre-approved for 1 general HR credit through the HRCI Certification Institute.

The Alliance – Managing Talent in the Networked Age
Ben Casnocha | Best-Selling Author, Technology Entrepreneur
Ben Casnocha (Ben Kas-no-ka) is an award-winning entrepreneur and author from Silicon Valley. He is coauthor with Linkedin founder/chairman Reid Hoffman of the #1 New York Times bestselling book The Start-Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career”. Most recently, Ben co-authored “The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age”, a highly anticipated book based on his article in Harvard Business Review entitled Tours of Duty: The New Employer-Employee Compact. Ben has separately written for Newsweek, the American Enterprise Institute, NPR’s “Marketplace” and the U.S. State Department.

In addition to his writing, Ben is a technology entrepreneur. He founded Comcate, Inc., a leading e-government software company, at age 14. He wrote a book about his experience titled “My Start-Up Life, PoliticsOnline named him one of the “25 most influential people in the world of internet and politics.” He also incubates and advises internet entrepreneurs at Wasabi Ventures. BusinessWeek named Ben “one of America’s top young entrepreneurs.” And dozens of outlets have covered his work including CNN, Charlie Rose, and The Economist.

Session Description:
Today’s managers face a dilemma: organizations no longer offer lifetime employment, but leaders can’t build lasting, innovative businesses when everyone acts like a free agent. In essence, the employee – employer relationship is broken. Based on his latest book The Alliance, Ben’s keynote will address this problem and offer solutions. He proposes that organizations view employees as allies on a “Tour of Duty”. The alliance is a two-way relationship that lets company and employee work together toward common goals, even when some of their interests differ. The paradox is that recognizing an employee’s independence allows a company to rebuild the loyalty and trust that’s been missing from today’s employment relationship.

Key take-aways you’ll get from Ben’s talk:
  • How corporate leadership development programs (aka MBA rotational tours) must adapt to take best advantage of entrepreneurial MBA graduates
  • Strategies to help MBA students view opportunities differently to ensure longer-term career success
  • What companies can learn from business schools about alumni networks and vice-versa
  • Metrics and methodologies for companies and employees to measure the success of a tour

NEW for 2015!
Innovation Spotlights: #Whatstrending

Wednesday, June 24th – 9:00-10:30AM

This year’s Global Conference is excited to introduce a new format that is sure to engage you through a series of TED-style talks featuring industry experts sharing insights on trending topics that our members face on the front lines daily. The Innovation Spotlights will be presented immediately following the conference Opening Session on Wednesday morning.

Because we’re absolutely sure you will be dying to hear more from these industry leaders, the Innovation Spotlights will be followed by special MEGA breakout sessions with each of the experts. Why “MEGA”? Because Everything’s BIGGER in Texas!

Stacy Donovan Zapar
Changing the Talent Game through Disruption

Last year, Zappos made a splash with the launch of their Zappos Insider program, a proactive sourcing / talent pipeline model that eliminated job postings for most positions. Stacy Zapar will join us to share the ins and outs of the program, including why they developed it, how it was rolled out, how the social / employer branding strategies supported the effort, what worked as designed and what they learned along the way.

Stacy Donovan Zapar is a 16-year recruiting veteran for Fortune 500 tech companies and Founder/CEO of Tenfold Social Training, a recruiter training company for talent acquisition and staffing teams around the world. Most recently, she has been leading social recruiting, employer branding, talent pipelining and candidate experience initiatives for Zappos.

Craig Fisher
Cool Tools in Recruitment

Are you utilizing the most effective recruiting techniques, tools, and attraction strategies available to talent teams today? This session will be packed full of tools, tips and hands on tricks to find and attract talent, as well as to understand how candidates can best present themselves. Craig will discuss and show you how to brand yourself and your organization better on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more – providing an efficient approach so that you are not wasting your time on social media.

Craig Fisher is CEO of TalentNet, a social business strategy firm that helps recruiting and sales teams worldwide. His digital branding methods have been adopted as best practices by companies like LinkedIn, Zappos, YUM! Brands, Hootsuite, and many more. Craig also serves as Head of Social Strategy for HR Marketing firm, fisher VISTA. He created the first Twitter chat for recruiters, partnered in the first Linkedin-certified training company in North America, and is a partner in Globaltru, the largest social recruiting events series in the world.

Ashley Goodall
Reinventing Performance Rankings – A Radical New Way to Evaluate Talent

The cover of Harvard Business Review in April 2015 featured a new approach to evaluating talent. Reinventing Performance Rankings is co-written by Ashley Goodall and Marcus Buckingham and shares how Deloitte set out to design a system that would focus on driving performance in the future. Ashley Goodall will join us to share how one company is rethinking peer feedback and the annual review, and trying to design a system that will fuel radical improvement for performance management.

Ashley Goodall is the Director of Leader Development and Performance Management at Deloitte, a position he has held since 2012. In this role, Ashley leads the development of leadership capabilities for all professionals across the various functions within Deloitte. For the past two years he has been leading Deloitte work to reinvent Performance Management. Ashley holds a BA in Music from University College, Oxford, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


B.I.G. Talk

Wednesday, June 24th, 3 - 4 pm

In a special one hour session, invited speaker Sara Canaday will discuss strategies for enhancing your professional reputation to accelerate your career success.

Sara Canaday
You – According to Them: Invest In your Success through Self Awareness, Feedback, and Action

Sara uses vivid examples to demonstrate the significance of outside perspectives and feedback in determining our best selves. Our career success is tightly linked to our professional reputations -- the key to maximizing our impact is understanding how others experience us and skillfully managing our business reputations.

Sara shares real-world stories that illustrate the hidden gap between what we see versus what those around us see - the fine line between decisive and abrupt. Between passionate and overzealous. Between innovative and rebellious. Despite our best intentions, these disconnects may be preventing us from reaching our full potential. Subtle behaviors and unconscious habits could be sabotaging our success, and we simply can’t see it. Sara’s stories are compelling, often funny, and always memorable. This talk enables her audiences to view their career trajectories with surprisingly fresh clarity and renewed purpose.

Sara Canaday is an engaging speaker, trainer and facilitator, known for her ability to help people identify the elusive blind spots that are preventing them from taking their careers (and their organizations) to the next level. Drawing on 15 years of corporate experience, Sara has a unique gift for connecting with her audiences and ensuring they walk away with actionable strategies for positive change -- strengthening leadership skills, improving business relationships, and enhancing performance.


Peer2Peer Breakout Sessions
Various times throughout the conference

The greatest impact of MBA CSEA’s conferences for many attendees is the peer-to-peer sharing of new ideas, insights and best practices through the series of breakout sessions presented by members. 2015 will prove to be no different in this respect.

A PDF of the full list of breakout sessions that have been selected for the Global Conference is available now. Additional programming is under consideration and a comprehensive list of program titles/presenters will be updated as soon as it is available.

Program tracks to serve a broad range of member / attendee needs will be offered in the following categories:

Coaching/Counseling | Employer Relations | Employers | Seasoned Professionals

International Students | Specialized Masters | Working Professionals | All Attendees

These programs are guaranteed to help you Build. Inspire. Grow.

Especially for Employer / Recruiter Attendees:

  • A Special Session with Keynote Speaker Ben Casnocha, best-selling author and tech entrepreneur
  • Building a Recruiting Brand
  • Recruiting Policies for Job Offers
  • Best Practices in MBA Talent Acquisition
  • Engaging & Retaining the Millennial Workforce

Especially For Career Services Attendees:

  • Leveraging Alumni Experience to Facilitate Student Success
  • Internships & Assurance of Learning: Assessing Outcomes and Closing the Loop
  • Employer Relationships: From Recruiter to Partner
  • Catapulting International Students to Success
  • Energy Industry Panel
  • Standards for Specialized Masters
  • Older but wiser? Engaging Working Professional Students in Career Services

For All Attendees:

  • MEGA Breakout Sessions with Innovation Spotlight industry expert speakers
  • The B-School Talent Pipeline: Trends in Recruitment Strategies for MBAs and Masters Students
  • Past MBA CSEA Presidents Panel moderated by current President Damian Zikakas

Comprehensive and detailed breakout program summaries will be announced as soon as they are finalized.