2016 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition

Exhibitors 2016

The African Alliance for Electronic Commerce (A.A.E.C)


The African Alliance for Electronic Commerce (A.A.E.C) is an international association grouping 17 African countries. The Alliance seeks to step up and promote Single Windows for foreign trade in Africa.  It is aimed at intensifying cooperation and rolling out common projects for the interest of countries, individually, but also for the interest of economic regions.

The objectives of AAEC are about providing a framework for exchange, and sharing on trade facilitation and capacity building for the development of Single Windows.

In addition to serving as a framework for exchange of experience, AAEC intends to support international agencies in the effective implementation of effective Single Windows in Africa


Website: www.african-alliance.org

Exhibition booth 17

Bankswitch Ghana Ltd.



“e-Trade”, the next Generation Customs compliant software system platform meeting and / or exceeding WCO/WTO standards developed entirely to assist governments administer business, facilitate trade, maximize efficiency and increase revenue.

“e-Trade”, is a state of the art cloud based government I.T. solution, strengthening:

• National Security

• Revenue Generation / Mobilization: Valuations, Price Reference Databases, Single Window Clearance

• Citizen Centric e-services and e-payment platform


Website: www.bankswitchghana.com

Exhibition booth 23



The UNI-PASS system is the Korea's e-clearance system developed and used by the Korea Customs Service for more than 20 years. 

The UNI-PASS system is not just a fully automated customs administration system utilizing up-to-date IT technologybut has embedded 20 years of know-how and experience including full transfer of the technology and cumulated knowledge. The UNI-PASS system has been implemented partially or fully in several countries and more countries are showing interests in introducing the UNI-PASS as their customs administration solution.


Website: www.unipass.or.kr

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INTRASOFT International


INTRASOFT International is a leading European IT Solutions and Services Group with strong international presence, offering innovative and added-value solutions of the highest quality to a wide range of international and national public and private organisations. The company employs more than 1,600 highly-skilled professionals, representing over 20 different nationalities and mastering more than 18 languages. With headquarters in Luxembourg, INTRASOFT International operates through its operational branches, subsidiaries and offices in 18 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Cyprus, Greece, Iraq, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, Romania, Palestine, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, UK, UAE, USA and Yemen. More than 500 organizations in over 70 countries worldwide (Institutions and Agencies of the European Union, National Government Organizations, Public Agencies, Financial Institutions, Telecommunication Organizations, and Private Enterprises) have chosen the company’s services and solutions to fulfil their business needs.


Website: www.intrasoft-intl.com/e-customs

Exhibition booth 46

Integration Point


A leading provider of global trade management solutions, Integration Point provides up-to-date regulatory information for 185+ countries along with connectivity to supply chain partners and government agencies across the world. Built on a single, web-based platform, Integration Point gives both public and private organizations access to online global regulatory data. Integration Point has partnered with multiple organizations such as USCIB, Customs of Madagascar and NCAPEC to provide transparency of tariff schedules on a global basis. Integration Point's web based tariff tool can be applied worldwide as a cost effective tool for governments to support growth in international trade.


Website: www.IntegrationPoint.com

Exhibition booth 18



GEFEG, in cooperation with the World Customs Organization, supplies the WCO Data Model to public and private sector organizations involved in cross border trade. GEFEG.FX with the WCO Data Model Package provides conformant localizations and customizations. This design-time package supports project and maintenance cost reductions for Customs and Single Window projects. Three quarters of the G20 countries are already using a GEFEG.FX with WCO Data Model package or are in the process of starting to do so.

GEFEG's overall objective is to develop and deliver solutions providing functionalities for simplified customizations which by design increase metadata consistency, interoperability and quality whilst following international eStandards in all kinds of industries.


Website: www.gefeg.com

Exhibition booth 33



ModelSis is specialised in the modelling of procedures, the implementation of information systems and the provision of counselling. It assists public and private companies and international bodies in the design and implementation of their restructuring and modernisation projects.

To this end, the company boasts a panel of senior technical officials and seasoned engineers that have capitalised a proven track record in various areas including IT engineering, taxation and customs operations, statistics analysis, risk prevention and management, development of strategic plans, etc.

For public enterprises, ModelSis has developed last-generation tools including: (i) TOTEM (automated processing of transit and export operations); (ii) VALOREM (electronic valuation control system fed by a dynamic database; (iii) TANDEM (platform of data interchange between customs and tax authorities); BCS (Border Control System for juxtaposed control posts); (v) SIGER (electronic risk management system).


Website: www.modelsis.sn

Exhibition booth 36

Mauritius Network Services (MNS)


Mauritius Network Services (MNS), was set up in 1994 with a clear mission to streamline government services to businesses and citizens with innovative e-government solutions.

Over the years, as a trusted partner working closely with Government, MNS has developed egovernment solutions that help to speed up the delivery and enhance the effectiveness of government services in areas such as trade facilitation, e-tax collection, business facilitation, and finance, thus improving on the ease and cost of doing business, and also on the country’s general competitiveness.

Its initial mandate to facilitate international trade procedures by leveraging on Information and Communications Technologies was achieved by pioneering the implementation of the first Single Window in Africa, the Mauritius TradeNet, while taking the bold initiative to develop a Customs Management System.

Hence the TradeNet Single Window, (UN/CEFACT Recommendation No.33 of 2005) has helped to significantly reduce time for clearance of goods, and costs of international trade. The development of a Customs Management System (CMS) to provide the Mauritius Customs authorities, a leader in Africa in Customs administration, with the functionalities available in any leading customs solution, was also successfully replicated for the Ghana Customs in 2001.

For more information, please visit website or contact Jack Bismohun (Regional Business Manager) at jack.bismohun@mns.mu


Website: http://mns.mu

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NTT DATA is the #1 IT services provider in Japan and among Global Top 10 System Integrators. We provide various IT systems to Japanese government, accounting for the largest share, namely 30%, of the total IT system budget.

- Our solutions: NTT DATA has been the main provider of trade, customs and logistics solutions for Japanese government for 38 years. Our main solution, NACCS, includes National Single Window, customs procedures system, OGA systems, risk management, port community and cargo control systems.

- Our international experience: We have exported NACCS to Vietnam & Myanmar, and our customs related experience has expanded to 15 countries (Latin America, South East Asia, etc), as of May 2016.


Website: www.nttdata.com

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NUCTECH is a prestigious international supplier of security inspection systems and solutions with a prominent market presence in more than 140 countries. It specializes in cutting-edge screening technologies and tailor-made solutions. The product portfolio has been widely used in Custom Checkpoints, Border Protection, Port and Airport Facilities to help combat illegal smuggling, human trafficking, trade fraud and safeguard security.

With customer-oriented approach, NUCTECH has enjoyed wide recognition for meeting customer needs and maintaining close partnership with clients. As an international equipment provider in security industry, NUCTECH has established subsidiary companies across the globe, including the HK, Australia, Poland, UAE, Turkey, Venezuela, Argentina, Singapore, Panama etc.


Website: www.nuctech.com

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Oneseal Lyngsoe


Oneseal Lyngsoe provides customs organizations with expertise in cargo container security and tracking technology. We significantly increase inspection rate, improve border security and minimize undetected smuggling and thefts with Lyngsoe LIVE Logistics – Container security. Our solutions utilize the innovative electronic high security container seal - DanEseal.


Our solutions provide objective verification of when, where and by whom a cargo container is sealed along with notification of current container status. Travel times are automatically logged and alarms triggered, if tampering is detected.


All parties involved in container handling will be in a better position to facilitate secure and improved trade without compromising on safety.


Website: www.lyngsoesystems.com

Exhibition booth 38

S2 Global


S2 Global is the leading provider of turnkey, state-of-the-art screening solutions for inspection and security.

S2 Global delivers screening solutions that result in dramatic improvements in areas such as operational efficiency, security, compliance, revenue collection and trade facilitation so that customers can focus on their core objectives.

·                 Proven track record helping customers achieve their goals

·                 Operational and project management expertise

·                 State-of-the-art security screening and inspection

·                 Powerful systems integration and process automation tools

·                 Comprehensive training, staffing and recruitment

S2 pioneered the Build-Own-Operate model of project financing which gives customers access to advanced technology through the lifetime of the project while also offering flexibility in financing and budgeting. S2 is part of the OSI Solutions businesses, a subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc..


Website: http://www.screeningsolution.com

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SICPA is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services. Founded in 1927, headquartered in Switzerland and operating on five continents, SICPA is a long-trusted advisor to governments, central banks, high security printers, and industry. With high technology security inks at the core of its expertise, the company protects the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents from the threats of counterfeiting and fraud. SICPA integrates ink-based covert features and sophisticated traceability technologies to offer solutions and services to governments and industry ensuring product authentication, traceability and protection as well as tax reconciliation. SICPA solutions are applied at both national level and internationally across borders as a support for enabling trade.


Website: www.sicpa.com

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TECHNOSMART is a company that operates in the field of information and communications technology.

With a strong team of professionals with many years of experience, Technosmart offers companies advanced tools and the best technologies available on the market for the following solutions:

·         Digital signage

·         Interactive solutions

·         Multimedia tools for conference and class rooms

·         Time attendance, access control & video surveillance

·         Events

Our concept is based in the followings :

·         Excellency

·         Leadership

·         Customer satisfaction

We make Your objectives ours, and Your satisfaction our energy.


Website: www.technosmartsn.com

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«Safe, Secure and Convenient Container Security devices and IT System Provider»

UNISEM Co.Ltd. provides a safe, secure and convenient container security devices and IT systems in global logistics. Container Security Devices (CSD) and eSeal play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of the container along the supply chain, facilitating trade, and Customs processes. Today, with UNISEM's UniLinkers, your cargo can be tracked and the container's condition inside can be monitored. We offer a variety of sensor based products as container seal[UniLinkers-E] and CSD[UniLinkers-C] to enhance safety and security in all types of transportation such as maritime, air, inland, and railways. The devices track the containers as it paths from the point of loading to unloading of cargo. The data of individual sensor interface with CSD & eSeal and delivers to central monitoring center via mobile communication network. Therefore, shipper and all other logistics stakeholders obtain the real time data of shipment. 

The volume of world trade increased and globalization of logistic infrastructure, We will continue to provide a dedicated solutions targeting the global end-to-end container security. 


Website: http://unisem.co.kr

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2017 WCO IT Conference & Exhibition

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Date: 7-9 June 2017

Enquiries: WCOIT2017@wcoomd.org

Digital Customs

- Accelerating Connectivity – Bridging the Divide -


2016 WCO IT Conference

1-3 June, Dakar, Senegal

ITC in Senegal, the land of Teranga

The 2016 WCO IT Conference & Exhibition is moving to Senegal, the Land of Teranga.  In Wolof, the country’s national language, Teranga means hospitality, which is given such importance in Senegalese culture that it is widely considered to be part of the national identity. Senegalese people take pride in their hospitality and their country and make great efforts to welcome visitors and to introduce them to their language and customs.

The Customs Administration of Senegal is wholeheartedly inviting you to the 2016 WCO ITC in Dakar, the westernmost point in Africa and one of the key seaports on the western African coast. Dakar is one of tropical Africa’s leading industrial and service centers. It is a vibrant city and one of the most visited destinations in Western Africa.

Digital Customs

Do Customs administrations have the ability and flexibility to respond to the ever-growing challenges faced with the growth of trade and changes in trade patterns?

Experience shows that Customs is among the leading agencies, if not the leading agency at the border, when it comes to reform and modernization, especially when it comes to automation. But, can Customs afford to purely rely on its existing abilities to adapt to change in the digital world of today and tomorrow?

Embracing information technology, investing into research and development, fostering innovation and thinking out of the box are only the beginning of finding solutions to these questions. Whether we are ready or not, the digital world is here to stay and will influence how we do business in the future...

The WCO has launched comprehensive discussions on Digital Customs, as a response to the continuous challenges imposed by the demanding pace of the ever-changing digital landscape of today. Aim of the WCO Digital Customs Concept is to serve as a conceptual framework to support Member administrations in understanding and implementing the ICT-related standards, tools, instruments and guidelines that have already been developed by the WCO.

The IT Conference is an important WCO event contributing to the shaping of Customs ICT-related initiatives.  The Customs-Private Sector dialogue, taking place at this diverse and exciting forum, contributes and will continue to contribute to the shaping of Customs and other regulatory bodies’ IT solutions and efforts.

The 2016 WCO IT Conference will endeavour to explore technologically-enabled Customs-to-Customs, as well as Customs-to-Other Agencies’ cooperation mechanisms, and will take a look at emerging trends and technological developments that could provide new capabilities and opportunities, or impact how Customs currently facilitates trade and performs regulatory tasks.

The Conference will provide a platform for bringing together key partners from Customs administrations, relevant agencies and ministries, regional economic communities, private sector, international organizations, development partners and academia. It will allow sharing experiences and conducting strategic discussions on many topics of relevance for facilitating and securing the movement of information, goods and people across borders.

2016 Conference Objectives

Explore implications of the digital world on Customs and other Government agencies in the future.

Showcase private sector and Governments’ most recent technological developments that will provide new capabilities and opportunities and impact how Customs facilitates trade and performs its regulatory tasks.

Monitor emerging trends, including IT solutions for exchange of information between Customs and between Customs and other agencies.

Seek potential areas of synergy amongst relevant stakeholders at national, regional and international level.

Participant Profile

The 2016 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition will bring together Customs authorities, representatives from other border regulatory agencies, the IT sector, international organizations, development partners, regional economic communities, the broader business community including trade, transport and logistics bodies, lending institutions and other international trade stakeholders.

Conference Registration

This unsurpassed package comprises the three-day conference, refreshment breaks and lunches, dinners, and a delegate pack that includes access to all presentations. For further information on registration fees and conditions, please use this link.