ISSCR 2018 Exhibit Opportunities

WELCOME to the 2018 ISSCR Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

Network with industry professionals from over 100 exhibiting companies in the Exhibit Hall. Take advantage of casual networking and meeting spaces at ISSCR Central and the attendee lounge.

The exhibit area is divided into pavilions this year to make it easier than ever to locate companies of interest to you, within:
  • Technology & Suppliers
  • Therapeutics & Commercialization
  • Academic
  • Start Up Row


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Company Name for Program: Exhibitor Logo Website (url) Booth number/ref
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10x GenomicsThumbnail
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Abcam Inc.Thumbnailwww.abcam.com53
ABLE CorpoationThumbnail
Advanced Targeting SystemsThumbnailwww.ATSbio.com36
Agilent TechnologiesThumbnailhttps://www.agilent.com4
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.Thumbnail
AllCells, LLCThumbnailwww.allcells.com142
Allele BiotechnologyThumbnailwww.allelebiotech.com158
Alpha MED ScientificThumbnailwww.med64.com59
ALS Automated Lab Solution GmbHThumbnailwww.als-jena.com26
Applied StemCell, Inc.Thumbnailwww.appliedstemcell.com10
Aspect Biosystems Ltd.Thumbnailwww.aspectbiosystems.com157
Axion Biosystems, Inc.Thumbnailwww.axionbio.com122
AXT - Life Science Solutions -
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Baker RuskinnThumbnailwww.bakerco.com62
BD BiosciencesThumbnailbdbiosciences.com20
Bell Biosystems, Inc.Thumbnailwww.bellbiosystems.com210
BioLamina ABThumbnailwww.biolamina.com139
Biological IndustriesThumbnailwww.bioind.com83
BioSpherix MedicalThumbnailwww.biospherixmedical.com113
BrainXell, Inc.Thumbnailwww.brainxell.com47
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Cell PressThumbnail
Cell Signaling Techwww.cellsignal.com49
CELLINK LLCThumbnailwww.cellink.com206
Corning Life
Cyagen Biosciences Inc.Thumbnail
CytoSMART TechnologiesThumbnailwww.cytosmart.com211
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DEMCON | nymus3DThumbnailwww.nymus3d.com3
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Euroclone SpaThumbnailwww.euroclonegroup.it44
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FUJIFILM Cellular DynamicsThumbnailwww.fujifilmcdi.com97
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GE Healthcare AustraliaThumbnailwww.gelifesciences.com129
Genea Biocells US, Inc.Thumbnailwww.geneabiocells.com141
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Hamilton CompanyThumbnailhamiltoncompany.com176
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Irvine Scientificwww.irvinesci.com111
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Leica MicrosystemsThumbnailwww.leica-microsystems.com6
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MaxWell Biosystems AGThumbnailwww.mxwbio.com27
Miltenyi Biotec GmbHThumbnailwww.miltenyibiotec.com99
Minerva BiotechnologiesThumbnailwww.MinervaBio.com175
Molecular DevicesThumbnailwww.moleculardevices.com34
Multi Channel SystemsThumbnailwww.multichannelsystems.com35
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Nanocellect Biomedical Inc.Thumbnail
Nepa Gene and Berthold AustraliaThumbnail
Nikon CorporationThumbnail
Nipro corporationThumbnail
Nissan Chemical Industries, ltd.Thumbnail
Nucleus BiologicsThumbnailwww.nucleusbiologics.com205
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On-chip Biotechnologies, Co., Ltd.Thumbnail
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Pakair Cargo Specialists Pty
PeproTech, Inc.Thumbnailwww.peprotech.com114
Proteintech Group Inc.Thumbnailwww.ptglab.com160
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REPROCELL CompanyThumbnailwww.reprocell.com74
RORZE LifeScience Inc.Thumbnail₂-incubator-scale120/123
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Sartorius Stedim BiotechThumbnailwww.sartorius.com8
School of Life Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech UniversityThumbnail
Sino Biological Inc.Thumbnailwww.sinobiological.com31
Stem GenomicsThumbnailwww.stemgenomics.com95
StemBioSys Inc.Thumbnailwww.stembiosys.com37
STEMCELL Technologies IncThumbnailwww.stemcell.com77
StemExpress, LLCThumbnailstemexpress.com29
T [ Back to top ]
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company LimitedThumbnailwww.takeda.com180
The Australasian Society for Stem Cell ResearchThumbnailwww.asscr.org156
The Company of BiologistsThumbnail
The European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC)Thumbnail
The Japanese Society for Regenerative MedicineThumbnailwww.jsrm.jp136
The New York Stem Cell Foundation Research InstituteThumbnailwww.nyscf.org143
The State Government of Victoria, AustraliaThumbnail155
Thermo Fisher ScientificThumbnailwww.thermofisher.com58
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Union Biometrica, Inc.Thumbnailwww.unionbio.com48
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Wiley (John Wiley & Sons)Thumbnailwww.wiley.com144
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Zhejiang Hopstem Bioengineering Company LimitedThumbnailwww.hopstem.com133