ICTC & Mainstreet 2015 Conference

The biggest joint industry event of 2015. The International Cities, Town Centres and Communities Society (ICTC) together with Mainstreet Australia invite you to join them at their joint conference in 2015. The 15th ICTC Conference and 5th National Mainstreet Australia Conference will be held at Novotel Wollongong from Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 July 2015.

Sharing The Secrets To Success  - The Conference Theme

What makes a successful place, town and city? Thriving places? Invested communities? Flourishing businesses? Rewarding partnerships?

Everybody’s talking about it, but the question is, how do we actually do it? How do you position yourself as a place to live, work, study and visit? What do we prioritise and how do we strike the right balance with limited resources?

Planning for growth, adapting to changes and effectively transitioning yourself is crucial but how can we do this in a rapidly changing climate?

And even with the most successful outcomes, challenges can occur—but rarely do we share our learnings that help shape and improve future strategies

This event will not only look at latest global trends and case studies in the industry but will also take a closer look at the challenges and learnings along the way. From overcoming negative perceptions to enabling economic prosperity—the focus will be on practical tools and solutions for successful mainstreets, towns and cities—catering to a variety of budgets.



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Event Details
ICTC & Mainstreet 2015 Conference
Tuesday, 21 July - Friday, 24 July 2015
3:00 pm - 5:15 pm