Experian's Vision 2014 Conference
Breakout sessions schedule
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Please note these are 20-minute sessions that run concurrently with other sessions taking place on Wednesday, May 7.  

Monday, May 5
Breakout sessions 1
9:45 am - 10:45 amBest practices in risk model developmentBig Data and advanced analytics stars align to deliver higher-performing authentication strategiesBig Data for business lendingCapturing and protecting balancesDriving profitable growth through emerging consumer and commercial customers
CXL - How to turbocharge growth of small-business checking and lendingRegulatory roadmap — putting you in the driver’s seatThe state of U.S. business credit Unsupervised classifications of credit lifetime behaviors
Breakout sessions 2
1:30 pm - 2:30 pmA road map to update your risk scoreCustomer acquisitions in a changing digital landscapeHadoop and Analytics Sandbox/Cloud ApplicationsHow does risk change when payment and spend behavior changes? Know your enemy - a financial institution’s best practices for preventing the latest fraud attacks
Mobile data — changing the way data is seen and used in the digital worldSophisticated loss forecasting made easyThe new world of commercial lending — optimizing opportunities and winning new customersTrends in commercial card and small business lending
Breakout sessions 3
2:45 pm - 3:45 pmBusiness owner or the business — where is the credit risk?Migrating to a holistic customer viewOperating in today’s risk-management frameworkRaising the bar on data integrity and dispute managementReporting alternative data — the positive impact it can have on your business and consumers
The evolving landscape of customer management The ultimate collections waterfall — build your collections waterfall to ensure compliance and guarantee operational excellence To trust or not to trustTwo applicants, one decision, one outcome — a look at best practices for joint application modeling and decisioning
Breakout sessions 4
4:15 pm - 5:15 pmAdvanced techniques for expected loss modelingBest practices in risk model developmentCollections transformation - turning opportunities into resultsDevelop a market leading investment strategy by effectively targeting consumers based on the amount of interest they pay and their credit card spendExtracting insights from Big Data using LDA and Deep Learning
Growth, efficiency and compliance with a dash of automated decisions — Sterling Bank small-business case studyIdentifying profitable commercial accounts within consumer portfoliosInnovation within identity proofing processes using biometrics Members in trouble — collections strategies for credit unionsRegulatory requirements for model risk governance continue to evolve. Is your organization prepared to meet these requirements?

Tuesday, May 6
Breakout sessions 5
10:00 am - 11:00 amAutomotive industry updateDiscover how an integrated solutions platform can assist your organization with operation and scorecard implementationDriving student loan rehab collection efforts with scorecardsLeveraging commercial data and custom analytics to optimize business performanceRegain confidence with pricing optimization
Speaking up — the voice of the commercial client and how it should drive your businessTechnology and fraud trends update — beyond current authenticationUnderstanding marketing efficiency through Big Data analytics — a case studyMortgage and Millenials, a new frontier
Breakout sessions 6
11:15 am - 12:15 pmAcquiring the right customers — more than just a risk decisionBankcard acquisition strategy – why product alignment matters more so now than ever before Capital allocations — the mystery of it all. The interconnection of ALLL, commercial risk rating and relationship pricing.Identity authentication and credentialing in practiceImproving your approval and account management strategies using trended risk stability data
Inside the box — business scoring validations and model governanceMacroeconomic and market trends — U.S. and global perspectivesMining social media data for business intelligenceWhat happened to the auto loans you didn't fund … and the ones you did?

Wednesday, May 7
Breakout sessions 7
8:30 am - 9:30 amCCAR Loss Forecasting — learn what you are up againstExpand your consumer universe and improve profitabilityHow can Experian’s trended capabilities help solve lender issues?
Identity as a Service for life cycle managementProfitability-driven customer retentionLeveraging social media data to identify new opportunities in small businessTesting credit scores for disparate impact on protected classes
8:30 am - 8:50 amVIEWPOINTS - Back to the future -- making the most of your commercial lenders by leveraging your branchesVIEWPOINTS - Commercial or blended scoring models — which one is right for you?VIEWPOINTS - The data quality revolution — efficiently onboarding and servicing your customers
9:00 am - 9:20 amVIEWPOINTS - Making the trends actionable: automotive market expansionVIEWPOINTS - The survival guide to fin-tech in commercial lendingVIEWPOINTS - Using a commercial platform to grow and reduce portfolio risk
Breakout sessions 8
9:45 am - 10:45 amA current look at commercial credit consortium dataExtracting deep customer insights through card transaction dataLeveraging hosted decisioning for cross-sell marketing and segmentation opportunities
Next-generation mobile offers — powered by optimizationRisk, collections and recovery regulatory best practices — hitting the mark on complianceThe first 24 hours of a breach — what the regulators will find outWhat happened to the “fallen angels” from the Great Recession?
9:45 am - 10:05 amVIEWPOINTS - The new(er) frontier -- credit unions expanding in commercial lending territory
10:15 am - 10:35 amVIEWPOINTS - Have you had a credit decisioning tune-up lately?

Track legend and descriptions

 Break-through data and analytics
The break-through data and analytics track will share information on innovative ways that Experian and your peers are responding to the newest challenges and opportunities facing their organizations. Session topics will cover new technologies and how they are being harnessed to address and make sense of today’s rapidly expanding data environment. Other sessions will highlight break-through analytic techniques that reveal deeper perspectives in consumer behavior and the opportunities these new insights create.

 Confident growth
Gain insight into strategies for acquiring new consumers in a constantly evolving market. Focus areas include enhanced targeting based on current consumer behaviors, moving beyond traditional methods into digital channels and more effective prioritization for a holistic consumer view.

 Risk redefined
The risk redefined track will deliver unique perspectives on risk-management issues. Sessions provide risk-oriented discussions across a broad range of topics, including acquisitions, account and customer management, loss mitigation and collections. The risk redefined track will have attendees rethinking how they approach risk in their organizations.

 Unleashing business lending
Following years of uncertainty and increased regulation, business lending is ready to be unleashed. Learn from peers and industry experts how to understand new commercial market conditions, how to recognize what business owners want in a financial institution and how to deliver on those needs in the marketplace.

 Discover business information
The discover business information track provides strategic insights for businesses within the commercial credit space. Key areas of focus include the health of U.S. businesses, trends for small-business and commercial lending, finding more profitable small-business customers and sharing best practices for growing commercial portfolios while reducing risk.

 Beyond financial services
Beyond Financial Services provides an opportunity to learn about the issues affecting industries outside the traditional banking community. These sessions will address the unique needs of automotive lenders, telecommunications and the public sector.

 Fraud prevention
Discuss current and emerging fraud prevention and identity authentication techniques spanning private, public and healthcare sectors. Hear directly from peers, service providers and industry experts about how you can make tactical and strategic improvements to current operational processes and your future road maps.

Hot topics
Explore innovations and new concepts related to the challenges of the ever-changing market. There will be panels and case studies by industry experts on the regulatory environment, developments to improve loss forecasting, addressing data integrity and dispute management concerns, as well as growth of mobile offers through optimization tools and unique analyses of Millennial borrowers.