2014 Assets Learning Conference

Designing for Scarcity: A Behavioral Approach to Two-Generational Strategies

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
4-5 pm

Room: Salon 14

Breakthrough research in behavioral economics reveals that scarcity—of money, time and other important resources—taxes our ability to make decisions, pay attention and exert self-control. This has important implications for programs and policies that support low-income families. Join ideas42, a behavioral design lab and consulting firm, to explore the consequences of scarcity and discuss the promising solutions stemming from Poverty Interrupted, a new venture aimed at breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty for families with young children. This session pairs well with the “Two Generation Strategies to Improve Financial Capability” panel discussion and will compliment Eldar Shafir's keynote address during the Friday morning plenary.


  • Anthony Barrows, ideas42
  • Josh Wright, ideas42


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