SC Congress New York 2013
SC Congress New York
Oct. 24, 2013

There is no place better than the most dynamic city in the world to gather leading security minds to discuss the latest trends, strategies and risk mitigation techniques to help protect your organization – whether commercial or government – from myriad and costly cyber threats. This year’s SC Congress New York will deliver the content, dialogue, networking and strategies you’ve come to expect from the event. It also will provide a look inside some of the most sought-after security technologies on display by the industry’s top vendors in our exhibition hall.
Keynotes and all-star general sessions have been designed to educate as well as create dialogue with participants and present helpful, practical, take-away materials that attendees can consider for use in their own organizations. From mobile security to cloud computing or governance, risk and compliance planning (GRC), advanced persistent threats (APTs) and the cyber criminals who wish to cause your organizations harm, key topics that affect the security of your everyday enterprise operations will be discussed. Hackivists, nation-state actors and organized crime all play major roles in increasing security risk for your organization, so to gain in-depth and timely knowledge about some of the latest exploits and attacks being used by such groups can help you avoid getting bogged down with irrelevant information, and provide the insight you need to invest money and personnel power into the areas of your business that need shoring up.
It’s time and funds well spent. You won’t want to miss SC Congress New York. We can’t wait to see you there! 
What if? System failure in the Big Apple

At this year's SC Congress New York, participants will hear from the author of the best-selling book about the cyber world crashing down in New York City. Called CyberStorm, this fast-selling novel is now also being turned into a movie by 20th Century Fox. This keynote will be immediately followed by a plenary session which will include some of the most sought-after industry experts who will discuss the threats to critical infrastructure, as well as what we all can do to help protect it. 
Other topics explored include:
- Managing risk in a dynamic, ever changing environment;
- What’s really happening in mobile security – and what is and isn't working;
- Coming to grips and learning what to do with the real likelihood that the bad guys already are in your networks;
- And so much more…