Ground-based Space Facilities


In partnership with (ESA, DLR, Arianespace)  
Welcome to the Ground-based Space facilities symposium


Launch bases and their associated facilities rarely get top billing at international symposia. Nonetheless, they are essential for access to space and contribute to its reputation. The designers and operators of these facilities have made considerable improvements in performance, quality, operations and the public safety and protection of properties and the environment.

It is still relatively unusual for such operations to be undertaken jointly by two or more countries, some examples being the Soyuz launch complex in French Guiana, set up by Europe and Russia, Sea Launch by the USA, Russia, Ukraine and Norway, or the Brazilian and South Korean launch complexes.

This symposium, organised by CNES, is an opportunity for all stakeholders in launch and test facilities from around the world to consider the present state of the art and the major developments to these facilities.
Michel Eymard, CNES, Director of Launchers, Symposium President
Bernard Brandt, CNES, Assistant-Director, head of Ground Facilities Development Sub Directorate,

Take advantage of your participation in the Ground-Based Space Facilities Symposium to attend the 50th Paris Air Show that will take place at Le Bourget Exhibition Center from 17 to 23 June 2013.