The most knowledgable people in publishing. All in one place.

The Writer’s Digest Conference brings together agents, authors, editors, publishers, marketing and technology executives--everyone who makes publishing work. And they are here to interact with you, share their insights with you, and help you turn your story into a career.

When you attend Writer’s Digest Conference, you’ll take home:

  • Tangible insider knowledge from dozens of panels and experts, without the hype. Learn the truth paths to successfully landing an agent, getting published, self-publishing, and earning more loyal readers.
  • Deeper knowledge of the industry and your particular genre. Children’s books? Science Fiction? Literary fiction? Autobiographies? Screenplays? Whatever your category or aspiration, you’ll learn what the best in the business are doing right.
  • The Pitch-Slam. This is your opportunity to pitch your story one-on-one. Practice your pitch, hone your premise, and get feedback from a field of more than 90 agents and publishers. Pitch Slam is one of the most unique opportunities in publishing today--don’t miss your chance to wow them.


For aspiring writers, this unique feature of the conference gives you the chance to get in front of literary agents specific to your genre. It gives you the chance to introduce, pitch and sell your story. With agents representing every genre, you have absolute control over who you’d like to interact with. Make your list, and you’ll get 90 seconds to pitch your work -- fiction or non-fiction.

After, you’ll get immediate feedback from the agent; enthusiasm for the idea, suggestions for improvement, or who knows... maybe even representation and a book contract. When your time with that particular agent is up, you’ll move on to the next. High-energy and as real as it gets, Pitch-Slam is one of the most invaluable aspects of this conference. After participating in the Pitch-Slam, you will:

1)    Get immediate feedback on your story by real agents with experience in your genre
2)    Get tips on ways to improve either storyline or pitch
3)    Make one-on-one connections with agent(s)
4)    Possibly...get yourself represented!

Bring your pitch. Move your story forward. Build a career.


Writer’s Digest Conference is proud to host to the most respected and influential experts in the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain real-world, first-hand knowledge from people who work in every aspect of publishing. They will be on hand to share actionable insights into today’s publishing challenges and demands, help you hone your craft, learn the ins and outs of successful self-publishing, and show you how to turn your manuscript into a contract for publication.


This year’s agenda for Writers Digest Conference has been carefully crafted by experts in the field for a single purpose: to impart writers with the most relevant, cutting-edge and up-to-date information possible. During this conference, you’ll hear from agents, best-selling authors, publishers and editors discussing topics as diverse as they are relevant. Expect frank debate from panelists on the latest trends in storytelling, best marketing practices, the impact of the digital sea-change on the industry and much, much more.

Bring your questions. Go home with inspiration, goals, and a plan for your next breakthrough.