Why You Should Attend

The world of writing and publishing has grown more complicated and competitive than ever. Every day there are new styles and genres in high demand, new ways to self-publish and get published, new communities of readers and platforms to reach them, and new challenges facing authors looking to build and sustain a publishing career.

Writer’s Digest Conference covers it all. Our rich agenda of expert panelists and sessions will give you the insights you need to learn:

  • How to get published
  • Whether to self-publish, find a traditional publisher, or both 
  • Where other writers find inspiration and tools to improve their craft
  • What agents are looking for, and how to land one
  • How the explosion of digital publishing has created new opportunities for writers and publishers
  • What next steps to take with your short story, novel, or screenplay
  • How to collaborate with your publisher to reach more readers
  • How to connect with your readers and spawn word-of-mouth
  • What today’s bestselling authors are doing to market their books
  • How social media and other digital platforms are being used to create break-out books