5th WCO Global AEO Conference

5th WCO Global AEO Conference

“AEO 2.0: Advancing Towards New Horizons for Sustainable and Secure Trade”

Festival Arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 10 to 12 March 2020

It is almost 15 years since the SAFE Framework of Standards was published by the World Customs Organization (WCO), and the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme has become the centre of Customs-to-Business partnerships to enhance the security and facilitation of global supply chains. The rapid increase in the number of AEO programmes and Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs), together with the creation of regional/plurilateral MRAs, demonstrates that AEO programmes have been experiencing positive progression in their recognition internationally. At the both regional and national level, AEO programmes are also gaining greater support from other government agencies.

The statistics set out below, extracted from the WCO’s AEO Compendium 2019, demonstrate how successfully AEO programmes and MRAs have been implemented globally. As of September 2019, worldwide we have:

  ü 84 operational AEO programmes and 19 AEO programmes under development.

  ü 30 operational Customs Compliance programmes, and 5 Customs Compliance programmes to be launched.                                                                                                                                                   

  ü 74 bilateral and 4 plurilateral/regional MRAs concluded, and 65 MRAs under negotiation.

Given the changing global trade environment, achieving the AEO Programme objective of facilitating and securing global trade demands futuristic visioning beyond the current scenarios. To provide a platform for the various stakeholders to meet and consolidate their engagement in shaping the future of the AEO Programme, the WCO, with the Federal Customs Authority of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Dubai Customs, as co-host, is organizing the 5th WCO Global AEO Conference in Dubai, UAE, with support from Korea Customs Service.

Highlighted by the theme “AEO 2.0: Advancing towards New Horizons for Sustainable and Secure Trade”, the Conference will provide participants with an opportunity to exchange innovative ideas and visions, examine potential improvement opportunities, explore the baseline standards and possible steps required to ensure that this flagship Customs-Business Partnership Programme better supports the sustainability and security of international supply chains.

The extensive Conference programme will facilitate discussions on various sub-themes to explore new initiatives and forward-thinking models on the development, implementation and enhancement of AEO programmes and MRAs, harmonize the benefits for AEOs, standardize validation mechanisms and achieve greater involvement by Other Government Agencies, thus taking the AEO programme to the next level.

Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss other related crucial aspects regarding modern technologies, performance measurement, integrity and capacity building activities that could effectively support WCO Members’ implementation of the AEO programmes and MRAs.

Why attend:

  ü LEARN about the successful implementation of AEO programmes and MRAs around the world, and look ahead to future developments to help further increase the competitiveness of national and regional economies.

  ü HEAR from leading experts about relevant WCO tools and instruments, and new opportunities for enhancing cross-border cooperation in this area.

  ü UNDERSTAND the emerging global trade challenges in the context of increased security requirements.

  ü DISCUSS how law enforcement instruments and tools could be implemented efficiently in a manner that does not undermine the ongoing trade facilitation efforts.

  ü CONTRIBUTE to the development of AEO 2.0, suggesting new features and a harmonized approach to take this flagship Customs-Business Partnership Programme to the next level.

  ü NETWORK with an outstanding array of international experts from Government, Customs and the Business community as well as high-level academics and practitioners, who will share their expertise and promote good practices on AEO and MRA.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic

Venue: Festival Arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Agenda & Registration: the Agenda and Registration details will be available soon

Contact: aeoglobal2020@wcoomd.org