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Thank you for your confidence in our venture and we look forward to earning you as a member.

So, what's in it for you to join us?

Club Features:

1. Relevant content
2. Advertisement free experience
3. Global community

Club Benefits:

1. Increase intellectual capacity
2. Less distractions
3. Access to resourceful people

This global community promotes sustainable prosperity for ecopreneurs and sustainable wealth creation for eco investors.

The Details

As a member, all club meetings free (Online and In-person):

* Annual members get 52 weekly meetings.

* Quarterly members get 13 weekly meetings.
* Monthly members get 4 weekly meetings.

Access to the member "only area" website includes:

* Watch archived video of Club meetings (Podcast if video is not available).
* Meet Club members that pool money and invest together

* Meet Club members that have exciting start-ups to learn from
* Join into the "Eco Talks" discussion forum - Talk with other investors and entrepreneurs from around the world.
* Join into the Club's WIKI - An online content database for collaborative ideas and definitions within the community.
* Use our "Opportunity Pipeline" tool - A place to track contacts,
introductions, emails, phone calls, and other sustainable business connections.
* Receive discount pricing on Eco Investors Bootcamp™ and other classes.

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Latest Updates

Eco Investment Club Expands Executive Team With Three New Hires, Focused on Taking the Organization to the Next Level

San Diego, CA (June 11, 2009) – Eco Investment Club is ramping up for what is going to be a very successful summer. Administering a breath of fresh air to the organization is the addition of three new green business professionals, bringing professional expertise and knowledge that will continue to help educate and serve its members. They will be enhancing the organization and landing new sponsors and speakers, and bringing forth viable and pertinent education and investment opportunities.

The hope is to help others discover the power of the emerging green marketplace and get inspired by innovative green business leaders. They provide a forum for leaders to gather and learn about the green economy and advancing technologies while also providing like minded individuals a rich networking opportunity. This summer they will be holding biweekly meetings in which you can hear valuable presentations from highly knowledgeable professionals in their field introducing ground breaking technologies and ideas.

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 Membership Plans

  • Gold Membership
  • Green Membership

A gold membership is for an individual or entity that resides within San Diego County and has reasonably available access to the founding regional chapter.
1. The Annual Plan - Gold members receive 52 weekly meetings at no additional cost. $400.00
2. The Quarterly Plan - Gold members receive 13 weekly meetings at no additional cost. $120.00
3. The Monthly Plan - Gold members receive 4 weekly meetings at no additional cost. $50.00

A green membership is for an individual and entity that resides outside of San Diego County and does not reasonably available access to an established regional chapter.

This is also known as virtual membership with the possibility of attending or founding a LivingRoom Club.

1. The Annual Plan - Green members receive virtual membership benefits. $200.00
2. The Quarterly Plan - Green members receive virtual membership benefits. $60.00
3. The Monthly Plan - Green members receive virtual membership benefits. $25.00

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New Web Site

In addition to the formulation of a new team, the Club has been working diligently at work creating a face lift for their website. This new site will have the ability for members enter into a discussion forum in which they can communicate with each other and find pertinent information surrounding the green economy. This website will allow members to view exclusive content and investment opportunities not available to the general public. “We aim to make this the largest Eco Investment discussion forum on-line, in which people have the opportunity to interact with each other.” said Yeves Perez, Founder of EIC. EcoWikinomics is another source made available through the website for information gathering and knowledge sharing.

Please Enjoy...

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