Explore Tech: Inspiring the Next Generation with Circuits, Coding & Robotics
Wednesday 06/19/2019
8:30 am - 4:00 pm
FREE Day Long Educational Technology Institute
Priority for educators serving K-12
US Citizens Only
Registration Ends June 12th at 5:00 pm PT, provided space allows
 Educational Technology Institute
Inspiring the Next Generation with Circuits, Coding & Robotics 
This Educational Technology Institute is offered through the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, which provides formal and informal educators with NASA resources and materials that support STEM learning. 
This day long Institute will cover the concepts of circuits, coding and robotics while relating them back to the current NASA research projects. 


Learn about NASA's X-57 Maxwell Electric Plane while learning about the basics of how circuits work.  Educators will engage in mathematics, science and engineering activities about circuits, circuitry, alternative energy, and batteries.  Learn how to create, build and test simple circuits. Leave with hands-on activities for students that combine math, science, engineering, and technology. 


Join us for hands-on experiments and physical demonstrations and learn about how coding is used in current research projects.  Learn about the Prandtl glider and how interns have assisted in this research.  Be on of the first to see a new Aeronautics App.  Learn how to create, code and build Bristle Bots and Little Bits.  Take away lessons that use with low-tech or no-tech that promotes coding in the classroom.
Learn about Canadarm and Mars Rovers.  Design and construct a robotic arm using Styrofoam cups while developing an understanding of engineering design and of the roles of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving.

Learn about programming for the classroom. Engage with BEE-BOT, BLUE-BOT, Sphero SPRK+, and Sphero BOLT robots. 

Engage in hands-on, standards-aligned mathematics, science & engineering activities as you program robots, predict its performance and chance of mission success, and test drive it.


Prior to attending, check out these Maker friendly, Coding & Robotics websites

Feel free to bring an android or apple device,

If possible, please download any or all of the following apps:


This educational activity aligns to the Co-STEM Priority Goal to improve STEM Instruction by supporting the existing STEM teacher workforce.
Please note: As part of gaining access to NASA Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center on Edwards Air Force Base, you must be a US Citizen and pass a security background check.

Once you have registered for this event....

Please either send an encrypted email to  afrc.erc@gmail.com or call 661-276-2359 with the following information:
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ALL Security information must be received within 24 hours of registration.

Please note this event is a Face to Face Event and is located in Edwards, California.  Transportation is your responsibility.




Barbara Buckner is a 20-year STEM classroom teacher with a Doctorate’s Degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Louisville.  Her research interest included the impact of technology on student achievement and teacher behavior.  Buckner recently served as a 2013-14 Einstein Fellow at the National Science Foundation Education and Human Resources Directorate under the supervision of Dr. Joan Ferrini-Mundy where she collaborated with colleagues on learning, learning environments, boarding participating and workforce development.Barbara sees education as her calling and has spent her life sharing her love for learning with everyone around her. Knowing that today’s student will compete in a global economy, Barbara says that “It is imperative that today’s students are prepared with consistent rigorous and relevant standards that produce more STEM majors, particularly women, to keep this great nation at the forefront in technology, innovation, and advancement.”