2019 Irrigation Universities

Welcome to the 2019 SiteOne Irrigation University 

SiteOne Landscape Supply is dedicated to the development of Irrigation and Landscape Professionals. We invite you and your team to join a one-day training event. Choose from six (6) North Carolina locations. The day includes light breakfast, breaks and lunch and Supplier Expo. Lodging and transportation is not included. All registrations must be made on line and are not valid until payment is received. Please refer to the website for additional information.
Cost:  $149.00 per attendee/registration 

CEUs are earned by attending the full (10 hour) event   

Partial credits are not available
North Carolina Irrigation Contractors (NCICLB) Earn 10 CEUs (6 Irrigation Credits plus 4 Business Credits)  Course 11767
North Carolina Landscape Contractors (NCLCLB) Earn 7 CEUs (3 Landscape Credits plus 4 Business Credits)  Course #1148

NOTE:   All Attendees must sign in at the beginning of the event and sign out at the end of the event. All Attendees will receive their Proof of Attendances (POA) form after sign out.  You must retain the POA for your license and auditing purposes.