Digital Book World Conference 2013

Beyond Books: New Opportunities For Growth

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Understanding how to expand your brand into new worlds has never been more important than in the current digital landscape—especially for publishers. This workshop will focus on practical, real world examples from people who are successfully identifying and creating new revenue streams for book brands. You’ll walk out of this workshop with information you can use immediately to increase your own bottom line.

You’ll learn to determine when a book can support a brand approach and apply this knowledge to your existing book brands. You’ll get specific examples of how to translate a "brand" across platforms and channels to reach a larger audience. And you’ll discover the rollout steps for expanding your brand once your initial launch is completed.
Speakers: Cynthia ClevelandNancy Cushing-Jones | Alison Norrington

Single Workshop: $295

Cynthia Cleveland

As President/CEO of a variety of retail, gift and entertainment companies, Ms. Cleveland has consistently expanded significantly those businesses by identifying new business trends, expanding brands into new media, and creating new alliances. Her broad range of consumer business experience includes interactive games, toys, apparel, gifts, and collectibles. She has launched thousands of consumer brands for major companies including Universal Studios, Imaginarium Toy Stores , Mattel, Carnation (now Nestle), and Teleflora gifts.

At Broadthink, her branding expertise and ability to develop new business models, often by creating innovative alliances, has provided new directions for entertainment, interactive, and publishing clients.

Nancy Cushing-Jones

As the first woman appointed division President at Universal Studios, Ms. Cushing-Jones expanded and ran the Studio's presence in book publishing worldwide and launched and ran its third-party interactive licensing business. An expert in all genres of book and interactive publishing, she was the first to break the New York Times bestseller list records by having the first children's storybook to appear on the adult list. She is acknowledged as also being a multi-platform expert because of her proven ability to translate content from one medium to another.

She has formulated and implemented broad branding and merchandising plans for a wide spectrum of creative properties. At Broadthink, she has developed and launched new publishing programs for adults and children in both the fiction and non-fiction categories, filmed entertainment properties, and related licensing programs.

Alison Norrington

Alison Norrington is an English author, playwright and journalist, and founder of storycentralDIGITAL. She consults to publishers, broadcasters and authors globally on transmedia strategies, participative experiences, production, architecture and planning, and utilizing social media. Alison has written for WIRED magazine on transmedia publishing and runs various transmedia workshops and boot camps in London, New York and Europe. She commenced her practice-based PhD in January 2009 researching Transmedia Storytelling in Publishing, and has presented at a variety of conferences, including Digital Book World, TOC (Tools of Change in Publishing) and others.

Single Workshop: $295

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