2012 etouches User Conference New York
2012 User Conference

Welcome to the 2nd Annual etouches User Conference. The etouches User Conference is better than ever this year! We've heard the need for more training and more time with etouches' staff, so we've expanded the conference to include a new pre-con training day and a partner summit! In addition, we have changed the agenda to provide more time to network and connect with other users. You asked! We provided!

What You'll Learn:
This year, we're focusing in on the attendee experience. We're exploring how you can add new components to your event to allow attendees to have more control over their own experience, to increase attendee satisfaction. We'll talk about event technology and how you can add in the latest mobile and social additions, so that attendees can better network and get the information they need--all while you get the data you need. Speaking of data, we'll focus this year on the idea of event intelligence--taking the data you collect in etouches and using it for strategic purposes. We will also explore the hottest developments in the event industry, including the evolution of the discipline of meeting architecture and event marketing.

Cost of the Conference:
$500 for the Conference
$250 for the Pre-Conference Full Day Training

Quick Facts:
  • Pre-Conference Events: Training on Monday, August 13th and Partner Summit on Monday, August 13th

  • Conference Dates: Tuesday, August 14th-Wednesday, August 15th

  • Event Location: Midtown Loft & Terrace, Manhattan, New York

  • Attire: Business casual

  • Closest Airports: LaGuardia (LGA) and John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport (JFK)

  • Special Event: We're having a live band and rooftop fun on Tuesday night!