CX Sydney 2019

Pre-Forum Programs

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Workshop: Take Journey Mapping To The Next Level
Pre-Registration Required (Cost: $275 for clients, $350 for non-clients, $225 for government or non-profit)

Despite journey mapping's popularity, Forrester continues to hear from frustrated CX leaders who are struggling to get started or fail to build momentum after less-than-stellar first efforts. What we find is, that to be successful, it is critical to understand Customer Journey Mapping as a business discipline, capability and mindset, not just an artefact or way to a means.
Topics will include:
  • How to think about journey mapping in a more strategic way.
  • The roadblocks that can derail success.
  • The key considerations needed to ensure success from end to end.
You will take away:
  • How to create actionable customer journey maps that empower your organization to design and deliver new experiences.
  • Guideposts to help you be more successful including how to connect business operations and processes to customer actions.
  • Physical tools to help create a good base line or assess your current journey maps. 
Hosted By:
Riccardo Pasto Senior Analyst, Forrester