IRBDSG meeting

Welcome to IRBDSG symposium!

Dear colleagues,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Symposium of the "13th International REM Sleep Behavior Study Group (IRBDSG)" in Copenhagen Denmark from October 3-5, 2019

It will be a great opportunity to meet the experts with the purpose of exchanging knowledge and seeking new challenges and collaborations.

The IRBDSG was created in 2006 and has held yearly meetings bringing together top scientist from neuropsychiatry and sleep medicine. The group has succeeded to initialize and facilitate multicenter international research collaborations focusing on RBD and its relation to neurodegenerative disorders.

Vision: the IRBDSG aim to bring together clinicians and researchers representing interests into basic and methodological research, sleep medicine, and neuro-psychiatric diseases focusing on RBD and related disorders. The primary focus is to improve understanding of RBD and related disorders, their relation to serious brain diseases and potential treatment and management, with the ultimate goal to reduce occurrences and consequences of neurodegenerative disorders.

Mission: The IRBDSG represents a core group of clinicians and scientists who are committed to advancing knowledge in REM sleep behavior disorder, particularly: definition and diagnostic criteria, pathophysiology, clinical and polysomnographic phenomenology, and relevance to neurologic disease and neurodegeneration. Further to bring research to focus of potential biomarker research

We wish you all very welcome to Copenhagen!

On behalf of the coordinating group of the IRBDSG Symposium,

Professor Poul Jennum

The meeting is aimed at: Neurologists, neuro-pediatrics, neurophysiologists, epileptologist, sleep specialists and relevant societies.