Glen Huey is long-time professional furniture maker, author, DVD host and woodworking teacher who has been involved in the craft since he turned 14 - that's 38 years.

His first major piece of fine furniture was a Sheraton bed that he has to this day. Glen’s first published project appeared in Popular Woodworking in November 1997. After many years as a contributing editor, he joined the staff full time as a senior editor in 2006. In addition to building projects for the magazine, Glen headed up product testing and power-tool reviews.Recently, Glen’s desires to be in the shop building period reproduction furniture got the better of him and he stepped down as a full-time member of the magazine crew to return to a role as contributing editor and to work on books, DVDs and commissioned pieces - all while improving his furniture-building techniques.
In today’s terminology, Glen considers himself a "hybrid woodworker" who leans heavily toward the power-tool side. He embraces corded and battery-powered tools, but understands and uses hand tools when appropriate. You can read his new blog at
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