2019 Workplace Health & Safety Conference
Thank you to all who attended our 37th Annual Workplace Health & Safety Conference!
Since the end came to a quicker close that anticipated, (due to the alarm - thankfully, no actual emergency) I didn’t get to express my appreciation for attending as well as thanking all of the great people who make our event happen year after year. So I am sharing my comments here:
  • I look out today with pride… and thanks for what this event has become, how it has grown, it even has become a tradition for some. The networking and friends we have all made and memories we share are valuable.
  • We have welcomed 600 delegates, exhibitors and speakers over the last few days with a few delegates from as far away as South Africa. We met Lyndy earlier at the Opening session as she graciously agreed to assist Gair on stage. We welcomed over 40 new organizations to our event this year – so while some of us have been around forever, there are many first timers so a great welcome to you if this is your first event. I hope it will not be your last. 
  • A lot of people come together to make all this happen and it is my pleasure to thank them all.
The Attendee Evaluation has been emailed to all attendees - please take the time to complete this short survey- we value your feedback as we prepare for the 2020 Cutting Edge Safety Workplace Health & Safety Conference.  
Speaker presentations are now available under the 2019 Presentations tab.  
SAVE THE DATE: We look forward to seeing you at the Halifax Convention Centre for April 20 & 21, 2020 for the 38th Annual Workplace Health & Safety Conference.
Jackie Norman,
President and CEO
Safety Services Nova Scotia