2018 - 2019 Twin Cities IIA Insight Series Participation Fees

The Twin Cities Chapter of The IIA offers approximately 15 Insight Series presentations throughout the year covering a variety of relevant topics for internal auditing professionals, including special sessions just for Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) and Audit Director(s) / Audit Manager(s) (AD/AM). (See a summary of last year’s sessions below.) Besides bringing you information on important topics, participants earn CPE credits and have ample time for networking with their peers from other Twin Cities organizations.

The 2018-2019 Insight Series will kick-off with sessions beginning this summer. Because of the early start, Insight Series registration is now open. Fees will be the same as last year and are detailed below. The total fee is based on the number of participants from each company. Participants can include both IIA members and non-members, and personnel from your company from outside the internal audit group.

Individuals Associated with the
Audit Department

Participation Fee

1 - 4 Individuals

$75.00 Each

5 - 9 Individuals

$375.00 Total

10-19 Individuals

$650.00 Total

20+ Individuals

$1,000.00 Total

Payment of the Annual Subscription Fee entitles the Chief Audit Executive and individuals associated with the CAE's Audit Department the following benefits throughout the chapter year, which runs June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019:

  • Chief Audit Executive attendance at the CAE sessions (approximately 3 per year)
  • Audit Director/Manager attendance at the AD/AM sessions (approximately 3 per year)
  • Attendance at any of the Insight Series presentations offered by the Twin Cities IIA, space permitting (approximately 10 per year)
  • Anticipated access to relevant ISACA-MN roundtables, space permitting (further details forthcoming)

The 2018-2019 Insight Series will include, but is not limited to, sessions focused on internal audit innovations. This IA innovations group will meet quarterly, with a facilitated discussion on innovative ways to manage internal audit teams and execute engagements. Topics to be explored include: the use of Agile concepts and tools, “Lean” process improvements, Innovative Mindsets and other ideas the Insight Series subscribers want to explore. This is not an instructor led presentation. Attendee participation is expected and all levels are welcome.

IMPORTANT NOTES: To ensure all individuals for whom you pay the 2018 - 2019 Insight Series Participation Fees, including the CAE, are on the distribution list for invitations, which will allow them to register for Insight Series Presentations during the 2018-2019 Chapter year, please complete the required contact information in the Blank Member Participation Template and send it to the Twin Cities IIA at iia.twincities@tciia.org. Please allow up to two weeks for processing of the 2018-2019 Member Participation templates. Only the individuals on the submitted Member Participation Template will be permitted to register for an Insight Series presentation.

The Twin Cities IIA limits the number of attendees from any one organization to four per presentation to enable more organizations to attend and to encourage various points of view to be represented.

Please click the Contact Us button below or email the Twin Cities IIA directly at iia.twincities@tciia.org if you have questions about the 2018 - 2019 Insight Series Participation Fees.

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