EIP-SCC Marketplace Matchmaking

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Connecting smart city promoters, investors and industry experts.

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The Marketplace Matchmaking service platform connects cities, financiers and industry experts

As urban populations swell, infrastructure needs mount and budget constraints loom, cities and their citizens need help to move urgent civic improvement projects forward. By expanding its matchmaking activities to maximise opportunities for cities to connect with financiers and industry experts. The EIP-SCC's Marketplace team is providing that help.

Marketplace Matchmaking is debuting in May 2018, implementing an online platform which encourages smart city actors to connect with stakeholder online, in order to facilitate meaningful connections to happen offline.

It's an unmatched opportunity to explore working together on smart city projects.


Who is it for?

The Marketplace Matchmaking Platform concentrates its effort to create a liaison between city administrations, industry players and investors.
Representatives from both the demand side and the supply side are encouraged to use the platform to increase opportunities to meet like-minded professionals, leading to investment, knowledge sharing and advice.

The matchmaking targets projects in different development phases, from ideas to more mature projects.



How does it work?

Networking should be a joyful experience, and the Marketplace team is here to assist you in meeting new people that are relevant to your projects.

Create an account to get access to the Members Directory. You will be able to invite members to meet, and vice versa. Through filtering and recommendation, you can increase the productivity of your networking efforts.

Find Relevant Profiles

Filter members based on interests, or simply go to "Recommended Members" in order to view the most relevant profiles.

Message & Schedule

Send private messages and meeting requests to one or more members. Meetings will be saved in your personal agenda.

From Online To Offline

Meet your connections during one of the EIP-SCC Marketplace-selected events.

What are the interests based on?

Projects will be categorised according to the projects' features in three broad clusters:


Sustainable Districts and Built Environment

  • High-performance new buildings
  • Building deep retrofitting
  • Building integrated PV/Thermal
  • Building energy management systems
  • District heating and cooling
  • Electrical energy storage
  • Photovoltaics (non-integrated)
  • Geothermal Energy

Sustainable Urban Mobility

  • EV charging infrastructures
  • Clean fuels charging infrastructures
  • Electric vehicles
  • Clean vehicles (other than EV)
  • Bicycle infrastructure
  • Car-sharing/Car-pooling
  • Intermodality
  • Urban freight logistics
  • Urban air mobility

Integrated Infrastructures & Services

  • Building energy management system
  • Smart electricity grids
  • ICT Urban networks
  • Integrated Infrastructures (Energy/ICT)
  • Urban data platforms
  • Mobile apps
  • Smart Lighting