Real Estate Forum's Best Bosses 2018

True leaders manifest themselves not only through performance but also by the way their employees feel about them. As part of our upcoming Leadership Issue, Real Estate Forum is giving CRE professionals a chance to tell us what they think about their employers.

All successful leaders share similar qualities: ambition, financial prowess, people skills, etc. We’re also looking for individuals who are not only accomplished, but are likable, inspirational, innovative and who lead by example. Those one-in-a-million leaders who are not only a boon for their organizations, but also professionals whom others are clamoring to work with.

We will profile the winning bosses in each category in the June 2018 Leadership Issue of Real Estate Forum. The #1 choice for CRE's Best Boss, to be determined via a confidential reader poll, will grace the cover of the magazine.*

Think your leader has what it takes? Tell us by April 6.

Here’s What You Need to Know:

A copy of the full nomination form, with all questions, is available for download here.

This contest is open to any executive-level professional (from management to C-suite) who leads, and has a significant decision-making role for, a commercial real estate company, the commercial real estate-focused division of a larger company, or a major division within a larger commercial real estate company.

To enter, click through to the nomination form via the "Submit an Entry" button to the right . You'll be asked to fill out a few fields and then enter your nomination in up to 4 of the 12 categories provided. You’ll also have a chance to suggest an alternate category on the final page, bringing the total submissions to 5.

Each category must have its own entry (no more than 750 words) in order to be considered.

If leadership is split between two executives, you may nominate them as a team.

Each nominee will be automatically entered into the running for “CRE’s Best Boss.” (To be determined by our readers via a confidential survey.) 

For more information about the nomination, including a full list of categories and their definitions, click on the Frequently Asked Questions tab on this site. 

A copy of the full entry form is available for download here. This form should be used for preparation purposes only. All final entries must be electronically submitted via this portal. Late or incomplete entries will not be considered. 

Deadline for nominations is APRIL 6.

*Executives who have been selected as a "Best Boss" within the past five years will not be considered for this title. However, they are eligible for all additional categories.  

Please contact Sule Aygoren with questions about eligibility at (212) 457-9659 or via email.

For technical issues, please contact customer service via email or 800.516.4265.