Peer Reviews Continued...

Joe Carreiro talks about what made SunGard decide to sponsor the Summit.
Ron Davis talks about his top takeaways from the Summit sessions he attended.
Chris Harr talks about how sponsoring the Summit helped HPE with its branding initiatives.
Eddie Kempe discusses his favorite sessions and the insights he’ll be bringing back to the office.

Alexander Kunin explains the value his team received from attending Summit sessions.
Will Randels explains the advantages of sponsoring and attending the Summit.

Adrian Rich talks about the wealth of information he received on the cyber front at the Summit.
Doug Rossie describes how being a Summit sponsor put him in direct contact with his customers.
Roshan Sakhrani gives a first-hand account of his experience at the Summit as someone new to the industry.

Bruce Schonk points out how the Summit served as a conversation starter for MuleSoft.

Mary Shaup describes why you would never want to miss out on the Summit.

Robert Strelser reveals the top two reasons for why sponsoring the Summit was a worthwhile investment.

Steven Watkins discusses the breadth of attendees and what makes the Summit different from other events.

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