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East District Tools For Ministry
08:00 - 14:30
Tools for Ministry Training Event - March 10th, 2018 

Lansdale First United Methodist Church 

300 N Broad Street, Lansdale 19446 

Cost: $15 (Includes Materials, Continental Breakfast & Lunch) 

Registration Deadline: March 5th - Walk-ins will be accepted but availability of workshops may be limited. In case of inclement weather, call the District Office (215-878-4607) for news of cancellation (snow date: Saturday, March 17, 2018). Email myancey@epaumc.org to indicate which 2 workshops desired. Please note and detail any physical needs or disabling conditions. Payment must accompany registration. Make Checks payable to “EPA UMC” - Please put "East District TFM" in the memo section of the check. 

Basic Schedule of the Day: 

8:00 am to 9:00 am – Registration and Continental Breakfast 

9:00 – Music begins

9:20 – Announcements/Welcome 

9:30 am to 10:15 am – Plenary Session 

10:30 am to 12:00 pm – Workshop Session I 

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – Lunch 

1:00 pm to 2:30 pm – Workshop Session II

#1. Addiction Recovery through the Power of Prayer

Addiction to Alcohol, Opioid and other drugs is a disease, and is rampant in our society today. This course looks at the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of this disease that destroys people, their relationships, the body, the mind and the spirit including the soul. We will examine how a prayer-centered support system can affect treatments and their successes and failures, then move to the ‘Power of Prayer’ of dealing with addicts; getting started, ministering to all laity, children, youth, adults, and “Long of Tooth. We also examine co-dependency, dual diagnosis, societal and behavioral aspects of addictions and chemical dependency, and we explore help available from resources outside the local church. For CSM participants, this course is recognized as an advanced course in caring.

CLM Jon Kirkbride Senior


#2a. Real Property and Related Organizations, will focus on the challenges churches face when sharing space with related entities, such as cemeteries and preschools. I’ll cover liability issues, steps that need to be taken to keep entities separate, leases and other contracts between related organizations, as well as special rules that apply to preschools and cemeteries. (1 Session only: Morning)


#2b. Legal Smorgasbord In this session, I will discuss issues that have presented in my first 2.5 months as chancellor, and will focus on the relationship between churches and third parties in the community.  I’ll cover issues involving trespassers on Church property, landlord tenant agreements, holdover tenants, clearances, and employee/employer tax issues(1 Session only: Afternoon)

Matthew Morley, Esquire


#3. More Hope! Talks for Small Congregations

There's so much more hope! See your circumstances from a more heavenly perspective. Gain an understanding of God's enormous possibilities.  Don't know where to start? Learn how to get going and keep moving. God is with us, no fear!

Rev. Cindy Brubaker


#4 Becoming All Things - Evangelism in Urban Communities

The theme of this workshop is grounded in the teachings of Paul in 1 Corinthians 9, where Paul proclaims that he "...[became] all things to all people...". It is believed that the thematic emphasis of "Becoming All Things" is central to an effective evangelistic ministry that seeks to reach people within an Urban context with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Within this workshop, an evangelistic ministry plan will be discussed, where participants will have the opportunity to learn about: 1. Strategies for becoming more active within communities, 2. Current activities with various urban contexts that can aid in developing evangelistic strategies, 3. How to build ministry alliances in support of the broader ministry objectives of the United Methodist Church.

Rev. William A. Brawner


#5. Let Your Light So Shine

Use today's online communication tools—websites, social media, e-mail, video—to put your church’s lamp on its lampstand (Matthew 5:15). Mobilize community awareness and response to your church’s ministries through media and marketing. Come learn and share helpful wisdom. 

John W. Coleman Junior – Communications Director (Session Cancelled)


#6. On Mission with God

Learn the work of Global Missions how to mobilize and deploy the body of Christ globally to join Jesus in His mission, especially among the least-reached peoples. Learn how to you find your place; how to equip the local church to be effective and strategic in reaching the world with the gospel - in communities around the world...

Rev. Max Wilkins


#7. PRIME Immigration Ministries

We offer an overview of Immigration law with a discussion about DACA, and remedies for Central Americans, Syrians, and Liberians. In addition we will discuss pathways towards asylum, citizenship, ‘Green Cards,’ and work authorization. We will explore possible policy issues for changes to Immigration law which would reflect the needs of US citizens and intending immigrants. And finally the ways in which Methodist churches can offer sanctuary or other protections to the stranger in need.

Janet Hinshaw

Nahid Motahar, Esquire

Mousa A. Dassama Senior


#8. Introducing The Work Of The Staff-Parish Relations Committee

What makes a Staff-Parish Relations Committee effective or ineffective? We will review the role of the SPRC and the responsibilities of elders, local pastors and deacons. We will discuss communication and conflict, developing a covenant and goals, how to evaluate performance, how to support your pastor, and the hiring and firing of lay employees."

Rev. Gary Nicholson


#9. Creating Safe Sanctuaries

Safe sanctuaries provide those who work with children and youth the information and specific laws/policies to reduce the risk of abuse in church.

After the session participants will be able to:

-       Identify appropriate and inappropriate boundaries between children and children; youth and youth; adults and children/youth

-       Describe how to create safe boundaries including screening, training and reporting

-       Describe the complexities of safe sanctuaries and how to implement them in your church

Dave Piltz - Conference Youth and Young Adults Ministry Coordinator (1 Session only: Morning)


#10. Helping Our Neighbors - Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, even the smallest bit of assistance matters; no one’s support is insignificant. Learn how your help can impact and save the lives of those struck by misfortune.

Lynn Jaeger


#11. Preparing For an Armed Intruder

This certified ALiCE Instructor will present an overview of Preparing for an Armed Intruder has been trained by Church Mutual (EPA's insurer)

What is ALiCE? Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Escape, which is a "common sense not common knowledge" approach to surviving a mass shooting event in any situation.

It is highly recommended to take the ALICE e-Learning course prior. It is a 45-minute web-based training course that educates you about the ALICE response options.

Take the ALICE Basic Certification Training for Houses of Worship at:


Each person who completes the e-Learning course becomes an ALICE Certified Citizen.

Please bring a copy of the e-learning course certificate with you. Contact 610-585-0575 with any questions.

Rev. Mark Beideman


#12. Church Remittances & Ministries

Join our conference treasurer for a discussion involving one of the more cryptic aspects of the church: finances. (1 Session only: Afternoon)

James Brown – Conference Treasurer