E-ATP 2018 CFP
2018 Programme (Tentative)
Breakout Sessions
SPONSOR SESSION (Cito): Inspiration Ahead! [More Info]
SPONSOR SESSION (SoNET Systems Pty Ltd): 21st Century Assessments - New Tools New Challenges [More Info]
Gamification Workshop Part 1
FEATURED SPEAKER: Transforming our Approach to Workforce Skills Credentialing [More Info]
Noncognitive Assessment – Applications and Opportunities to Transform Testing [More Info]
Optimize, Improve and Evolve Assessments With Integrated Technology-enabled Tools [More Info]
Over To You, Siri: How Newer Technology-Assisted Assessment Methods will Enhance Leadership Coaching. [More Info]
Staying Agile in an Agile World: IBM and Microsoft Provide their Lessons Learned [More Info]
Boosting the Business of Certification—Building the Case for Micro-Credentials [More Info]
Computational Psychometrics a Conceptual Model for the Validity of Learning and Assessment Systems [More Info]
It’s Not All Fun and Games: Real-World Considerations for Performance Assessments and Gamification [More Info]
SPONSOR SESSION (Pearson VUE): Fast-Track Your Content Strategy [More Info]
The Future of Multiple Choice Questions [More Info]
Bias, Transparency, Ethics and AI. How to Realize the Potential While Complying with the [Un]Expected. [More Info]
CAT in a Box: Implementing a Standard on Computer Adaptive Testing [More Info]
Diagnostic Feedback - Do's and Don'ts [More Info]
FEATURED SPEAKER: Who's Right When the AI and Humans Disagree? A Look at GAMSAT Models [More Info]
Adaptive assessment in Wales National Test Programme (School years 2-9) Merging Formative and Summative Assessment. [More Info]
Gamification Workshop Part 2
Planning for the Future of Recruitment Exams: Using Remote Invigilation to Assess Applicants for Public Service Jobs in Ireland [More Info]
Test Fraud in Europe [More Info]
Thought Leaders Exchange [More Info]
AWS Takes a Characteristically Disruptive Approach to High Stakes Test Delivery [More Info]
Hackathon Part 1
Leveraging Assessment Design to Enhance Candidate Experience [More Info]
New Technology Tools for Test Security & Challenges of Use in the EU [More Info]
2018 Test Security Survey: How Do You Measure Up? [More Info]
Case Studies from the Winners of the 2018 e-Assessment Awards [More Info]
Developing Micro-Credentials Based on Standards [More Info]
FEATURED SPEAKER: Mythbusters – Fact or Fake News? [More Info]
How to Implement a New Assessment Platform and Transform the Way Assessments are Created and Disseminated [More Info]
Sponsor Session (Open Assessment Technologies): Empowering Personalized Learning by Open Source and Open Standards [More Info]
An Example of Test Adaptation without Translation: Expanding Your Global Market Potential [More Info]
Assessment Literacy as a Means for Enhancing Validity [More Info]
Breaking Down the Buzz: Badges and Blockchain [More Info]
Hackathon Part 2
Large Scale National Diagnostic Assessment in Italy: A Case Study [More Info]
Sponsor Session (Prometric): Online Proctoring – A New Standard for Maintaining Integrity throughout the Transformation [More Info]
Emerging Models of Automatically Generated Test Content [More Info]
Evolution at Charles Darwin University, from Paper Tests to AI Scoring [More Info]
FEATURED SPEAKER: Test Taker Privacy: Early Experience with the EU General Data Protection Regulation [More Info]
Identifying the Task Analysis of Best Fit [More Info]
Psychometrics 101: An Overview of Fundamental Psychometric Principles [More Info]
SPONSOR SESSION (The Dutch School): Assessment Technology from Four Startups in the Netherlands [More Info]
Hackathon Part 1
Hackathon Part 2
Ignite Sessions
A Fictional and Humorous Tale of Testing [More Info]
Assessing Digital Literacy: Using 21st Century Techniques to Assess 21st Century Skills [More Info]
Device Comparability – Does it Matter what Device is Used to Administer Assessments? [More Info]
Situational Judgement Assessments – A Brief Introduction [More Info]
State of Affairs in HR Data Analytics - Let's Not Get Overshadowed by Digital Disruption and Rising Stars [More Info]
Opening Keynote: Learning and Assessments for the age of Artificial Intelligence: meeting the challenges of the 21st century [More Info]
Peas in a Pod Discussions
The Business of Certification: The Last Mile [More Info]
AI for Assessments: Opportunity with Pitfalls! [More Info]
Answers to Your Psychometric Questions: "It Depends" Not Allowed [More Info]
The ITC/ATP Guidelines for Technology-Based Assessments: Description of the Project and Call for Participation [More Info]
AI Use Cases for the Assessment Industry [More Info]
Sorting out the Benefits, Bias, and Validity Concerns of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning [More Info]
Best Practice in Procuring an e-Assessment System: Key Learnings and Techniques from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply and TestReach [More Info]
Program Growth: Is There a Place for your Certification Program in Emerging Markets? [More Info]
Product Demonstrations
Everybody Grows! A Positive Assessment Platform for Math. [More Info]
Leverage AI to Improve Essay Rater Performance [More Info]
The Battle Royale: Research Comparison of SmartItems Versus Multiple Choice [More Info]
Transforming Assessment in Bulgaria Technical and Vocational Education Training and Certification System [More Info]
StoryTell: Assessing Young Childrens’ Speaking Ability through Phones. [More Info]
The Educational Data Forensics Improvement Cycle [More Info]
The Journey to Automated Marking of Complex Exam Answers through Artificial Intelligence [More Info]
The Learn Feedback Program – Using a Valid Feedback Instrument to Improve Delivering and Receiving Feedback in the Workplace [More Info]
Wesuggest - Skills Design Platform [More Info]
Snapshot Sessions
Considerations for Incorporating Performance-Based Elements into High-Stakes Assessment [More Info]
Deep Learning for Automated Item Generation [More Info]
Options to Allow Test Takers to Review and Change Responses in CAT [More Info]
Requirements in ISO/IEC 17024 to Evaluate Remote Proctoring Test Administration [More Info]
Tech Essentials:. Machine Learning [More Info]
Transforming Situational Judgement Tests through the Use of Animated Simulations [More Info]
Gamification Workshop Part 1
Gamification Workshop Part 2