NSW GIW SIG: Acquisition Essentials for GIW Fundraisers - DM 101


Acquisition Essentials for Gifts in Wills Fundraisers - Direct Marketing 101

With an average bequest worth $53,000 (Pareto Benchmarking 2018) and the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth on our doorstep, GIW Fundraisers are under increasing pressure to bring additional donors to the GIW Funnel, and can no longer rely on relationship fundraising alone to ensure the long-term success and growth of their bequest income.

Acquisition of GIW donors can be a daunting proposition for many relationship fundraisers who have had little or no experience with the process of direct marketing in their careers. 

In this Special Interest Group, Rochelle and Jakki will be taking us through the basics of direct marketing - covering the five steps to DM success, why emotional story-telling converts best and applying these principles to Gifts in Wills acquisition.


Thursday 4th October, 2018
Time: 3.00pm - 5.00pm
Location: Beaumont People
Level 29, 259 George St
Sydney, NSW



Rochelle Nolan

Lifeline Australia
Direct Marketing Manager

Rochelle lives for stories: reading them, writing them, and sharing them. After finding her career in radio journalism unfulfilling, she moved into the non-profit sector where she has been managing direct marketing, regular giving, acquisition and retention programs happily ever after. Rochelle is passionate about using emotional story-telling techniques to run highly successful conversion campaigns – no matter the channel, no matter the size of the charity. Recent roles include Appeals and Acquisition Manager at The Smith Family and Campaign Manager at the Children’s Hospital Foundation; she is currently the Direct Marketing Manager at Lifeline Australia.



Jakki Travers

The Smith Family
Gifts in Wills Manager

Jakki is an enthusiastic Gifts in Wills fundraiser, who believes that every donor should have the opportunity to learn about leaving a bequest to a charity they are passionate about, and then make an informed decision about whether or not it is the right fundraising vehicle for them!

With a degree in Law and early career in Public Relations in Scotland, Jakki started her legacy fundraising career with Caritas Australia before moving to Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation and Cancer Council NSW. When The Smith Family asked Jakki to set up a new GIW program in August 2015, she jumped at the opportunity to put in place a program built on the three pillars of acquisition, stewardship and estates administration, using industry best practice and her own insights built over 10 years within the Gifts in Wills industry.


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