Privacy & Security 2018

Partner Sessions

Wednesday, September 26
11:00 - 11:30 AM

Algosec — Zero Trust Framework for Network Security
The Forrester Zero Trust Model, when applied to network security, can help organizations develop robust prevention, detection, and incident response capabilities. The session will cover challenges organizations face and approaches that can be employed, including steps to achieve visibility, policy management automation, application connectivity analysis and network segmentation.
Jeffrey Starr, CMO, Algosec
Yitzy Tannenbaum, Product Marketing Manager, Algosec
Bryan McWilliams, Regional Sales Engineer, Algosec

Dtex — The Trusted Insider Approach: How Enterprises Achieve Security, Privacy and Productivity
To understand what is happening on your networks, you need visibility over digital activities and human behaviors taking place. Unfortunately, many legacy technologies provide little understanding of what is happening on and off networks, are resource intensive, impact productivity, and frequently invade the privacy of your trusted insiders. Today’s modern enterprises are using new forms of intelligence that illuminate network and human activities, detect threats, protect privacy and support key business initiatives.
Christy Wyatt, CEO, Dtex Systems