ISLA 27th Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference 2018

AGENDA 2018 - SFTR WORKSHOP 'Making Sense of it All'


  • James Knightley, Chief International Economist at ING Bank to give the Keynote Address on Wednesday morning
  • SFTR Workshop - 'Making Sense of it all' -  New to the agenda!
  • All speakers are now online - have a look at this year's excellent speaker faculty by clicking on the agenda tab.
  • Please note that the Conference Hotel, The Epic Sana is now fully booked.

With trade talks finally underway, ISLA is delighted that James Knightley, Chief International Economist at ING Bank, will provide the Keynote Address on Wednesday and will subsequently moderate the panel on Brexit.

We will look at what sort of deal the UK is most likely to get from Europe and what the economic and financial market implications might be. Set against a backdrop of increasing economic isolation, the panel will also discuss opportunities for trade deals with other global economic blocks.

As we move ever closer to the implementation of SFTR, one of the most important regulatory reporting regimes ever seen in Europe, ISLA will be holding a 90 minute session in Lisbon dedicated solely to this topic. Join ISLA, ESMA and the various commercial protagonists and trade repositories to better understand the opportunities, challenges, solutions and collaborations that have been realised and developed to meet compliance with the reporting obligation.

We are also pleased to announce that this year's Conference Chair will be Roy Zimmerhansl, Global Head of Agency Lending at HSBC. As a previous co-chair, Roy has extensive knowledge and experience across global firms and markets, and will undoubtedly once again provide some interesting perspectives throughout the conference.

The Opening Keynote Speech at ISLA's 27th Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference in Lisbon will be given by Ms Gabriela Figueiredo Dias - the Chairperson of Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários (CMVM), the securities market supervisor in Portugal, since December 2016.

Ms Gabriela Figueiredo Dias has an extensive and intensive international experience with ESMA, IOSCO and OECD, namely on Financial Markets and Corporate Governance affairs, and was recently elected Vice-Chair of the OECD Corporate Governance Committee. She represents CMVM at various international and national fora.

Ms Figueiredo Dias will be representing CMVM's point of view on the current political and economic challenges and developments facing the industry.

Katya Adler will be the Closing Keynote of the Conference - she is the BBC’s Europe Editor and has reported from all over the world, covering elections, wars, and major cultural and political events.

With stories that are engaging, insightful and often entertaining, Katya takes a look at the world, Europe and the life of a foreign and war correspondent. She analyses the culture, politics and economics of a Europe faced with a unique set of challenges, and examines the key players and issues in the UK’s departure from the EU - which will be an important topic at this year's conference.


The broad aim of ISLA's 27th annual conference in Lisbon will be to provide a platform for the industry to debate both the current and future direction of our markets across many important themes. As we see the end of the post crisis regulatory agenda, Lisbon will provide a backdrop for fresh thinking.

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