Association Meeting Programme 2018
“Small changes, big impacts” at the AMP 2018

There’s no better place than Ljubljana to learn about doing things differently! The small city is making huge waves on the international stage for the way it’s combining sustainable development with a vision for urban life.

You won’t see cars anywhere in Ljubljana’s historic centre, so bikes, feet, buses or electric vehicles are the transport methods of choice. The city is dominated by rejuvenated, lush open spaces and brownfield land, and being green guides all aspects of community development. Ljubljana has made “small changes” now that will have “big impacts” in the future, transforming quality of life for its residents in a remarkably short amount of time.

Drawing on the innovate energy that runs through the city, the Association Meetings Programme 2018 will encourage delegates to make “small changes” with “big impacts” to help build a valuable and sustainable association meetings industry.