Association Meeting Programme 2018
Environmental and Corporate Social responsibility

Ljubljana with its residents, as European Green Capital 2016, has learnt a lot especially in the last five years of an intensive process that led to winning this prestigious title, which has left a legacy and continues in the years to come. The educational aspect and awareness raising, plus a host of urban interventions and solutions have made a visible impact on the quality of life. Green is our way of thinking, and sustainable practices are developing also in tourism / hospitality through the use of local seasonal produce, organic ingredients, fair trade, etc.  

Slovenia is otherwise the first country in the world to be declared a green destination based on the Green Destinations Criteria (2016).

Since Ljubljana is a very green city, with the main park touching the city centre, and Slovenians are in general very fond of nature, the outdoor space and recreation, a lot of possibilities for recharging batteries are available for the attendees in their free time, or pre- & post the ICCA AMP – either in the capital or elsewhere in Slovenia. A host of programmes / experiences, also eco-tourism products, are easely at hand.