Association Meeting Programme 2018
Ljubljana, Slovenia

• Ljubljana is regarded as a logistically stress-free destination – its compact size allows walking between most venues, hotels and sights of interest.

• Safety counts: two Reader’s Digest social experiments placed Ljubljana among the most honest cities in the world (the lost wallet or mobile phone test). Slovenia also ranks in the top 15 safest countries in the world crime and safety index published by Numbeo (2016).

• Ljubljana has been named European Green Capital 2016 as a result of its visible achievements regarding sustainable development, envisioned in a city master plan till 2025.

• Forbes ranked Ljubljana fifth among the most desirable cities to live in Europe – we simply like to share our quality of life with visitors from abroad.

• Ljubljana has been listed twice among the Global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations (2014 & 2016).

• The Guardian and Rough Guides ranked Ljubljana among the top cities to visit in 2016.

• Ljubljana is built to the human scale, has a personal touch and is imbued in green. It is distinguished by an attractive historic quarter with a cosy, lounge-style feel and offers very good value for money.

• Locals have good foreign language skills in all everyday situations: being understood is easy.

• With 55,000 university students on a population of 286,000, Ljubljana has a young, creative vibe.