VIC - Gifts in Wills: Inspiration and Exploration
VIC - Gifts in Wills: Inspiration and Exploration

This is Workshop 1 of a three stage process where we’ll explore a broad range of human behaviours and their relationship to leaving a Gift in their Will. These workshops will design the tests to be implemented in partnership with charity members and the Behavioural Insights Team UK. Our goal is to create new and deeper engagement with supporters to leave a gift in their Will, increasing the value and social impact of gifts in Wills.

 Workshop 1 will be an interactive examination of human behaviour and how we can ‘nudge’ people in new ways.

 We’ll have teams working on:  

  1. The relationship people have with money. How they perceive and associate value to their money at an individual level.
  2. The peer perception of money and its purpose within our community: norming, self-signalling, reciprocity and reward.
  3. How people make decisions or not! Understanding inhibitors of decision making.
  4. How people plan, act and achieve goals.  

Outcome: Identify opportunities to test new interventions as part of the journeys supporters have with our charities to leave a gift in their Will

Presenter: Karen Armstrong

Date, Time & Location

Date, Time & Location

Monday 23 October 

12:00 - 14:30 


36/525 Collins Street 

Melbourne, VIC 3000


Free for current Include a Charity Supporters, members of Fundraising Institute Australia and non members.

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