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09:00 - 12:30Dental Practice Growth: Strategic Practice Growth Plan - 07. Feb. 2018

Dental Practice Growth:

Strategic Practice Growth Plan

Mr. Nurradin Abdo, Strategic Sales and Marketing Consultant - UAE

7th of Feb 2018

Time: 14:00 to 17:00

Venue: Novotel Hotel, World Trade Centre - PEARL Room

Registration: AED 578

Teaching Method: Course

Seats: 15 Seats


Most dentists today are over stressed and overwhelmed largely due to lack of systems in the practice. Plus, with shrinking inventory of quality patients and stiffer competition, you might find yourself putting in more hours and doing more than ever before just to keep your head above water. All these things are the enemy of a thriving, robust, fun, and lucrative dental practice.



It’s no secret that successful dental practices are doing something different than the one’s which are struggling. This presentation is designed to equip dentists with effective practice marketing and operations strategies that will help them gain an edge in their marketplace.


This presentation will start with the foundational structure of building a great practice which includes positioning, mission statement, and patients you want to attract. After we’ve established these points, we will then discuss how to build the right team to help you achieve your goals and systems to ensure consistency.


Learning objectives:      

1. How to design a profitable practice

2. How to attract quality patients

3. How to structure Practice operations

4. How to Build a highly productive team

5. How to put together a lucrative team


Course Outline:

1st hour Foundation: You build a successful practice from the ground up. That means there needs to be a solid foundation in place. More Specifically, how to position the practice, the doctors mission, and the kind of service (plus expriences) patients will expect.


2nd hour Team Building: Just like in sports, building a successful practice requires a team effort. No matter how great the dentist is, if the team isn’t on board with the mission, the practice will eventually sink. During the 2nd hour of the training, we’ll discuss proven strategies to find and hire superstars who’ll take your practice to another level. I’ll also reveal simple yet effective strategies to make your current team more motivated and goal oriented.


3rd hour Systems: Most dentists feel owning a practice is like owning a job. If they’re not physically in the office, the practice turns into a zoo. What’s the solution? Have systems in place. During the last hour, doctors will receive a breakdown of all the components to operating a successful practice and how they can systematize each part so that they can enjoy more peace of mind.


Speaker Biography:

Nurradin specializes in designing systems and processes for entrepreneurs who are looking to attract more new clients or patients, increase profits, and enjoy more freedom.