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09:00 - 12:00Laser in Dentistry: Applications of Diode Lasers in Dentistry - 07. Feb. 2018

Laser Dentistry:

Applications of Diode Lasers in Dentistry

Mohammed Mohsen Abdelfattah, DDS,MSc, Laser Dentistry - Italy
Dr. Ahmed Aboushariaa DDS, MSc, Laser Dentistry - UAE

7th of Feb 2018

Time: 09:00 to 12:00

Venue: Novotel Hotel, World Trade Centre - ONYX Room

Registration: AED 840

Teaching Method: Participation

Seats: 15 Seats


Starting from manipulating of the laser device, adjusting the parameters and how to initiate the tip of diode lasers, participants will learn how to perform a desired treatment with minimum parameters without causing damage to the tissues.

In this course, we will highlight the physics of Lasers, adjustable laser parameters and laser safety. We will give you an idea about different wavelengths that used in dentistry.

The Course will be discussing different applications of diode lasers in dentistry as laser assisted teeth bleaching, gingivectomy, gingival depigmentations and applications of diode lasers in decontamination of root canals.

Lasers are used in soft and hard tissues treatment and can be classified to various types of laser used in treatment like diode lasers with various wavelengths 635, 810, 940,980, Nd: YAG (1064nm), CO2 (10600, 9600, 9300 nm), Er: YAG (2940nm) and Er, Cr: YSGG (2780nm). One of the most popular lasers that used in dentistry are diode lasers with their different wavelengths, It is important to know the role of diode lasers in dentistry and their dental applications Dental Diode Lasers applications are a lot as gingivectomy, oral depigmentation, frenectomy, tongue tie, treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity and bleaching. On other wise diode lasers has a great effect in endodontics and periodontology, so I will assess and appraise the effect of diode lasers in dental applications. Finally the candidates will have a strong knowledge and background about dental dental lasers, and how to achieve the proper treatment with minimum parameters without causing damage to the tissues.

Learning objectives:

  • Laser Physics.
  • Classification of lasers.
  • Different wavelengths that used in Dentistry.
  • Laser Safety.
  • Dental Applications of Lasers.

Demonstration and workshop::

Procedure and demonstration steps:

  1. Manipulation of the device
  2. Adjusting the parameters
  3. Laser safety measures
  4. Initiating the tip
  5. Applications of diode Lasers

Course Outline:

09: - 10:30 : Introduction about Laser in Dentistry

10:30 – 12:00: Laser in the Dental Clinic – Hans On

Speaker Biography:

I have completed my BDS from the faculty of Oral and Dental medicine, Cairo University, Egypt and my MS.c degree in Laser Dentistry from Genova University, Italy. I have authored and reviewed laser dentistry articles in many international journals. I finished my diploma in lasers in dental applications from National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo University, and have continued to complete additional studies in lasers I currently work in Italy and instruct laser dentistry continuing education courses internationally.