October 12, 2017:

Nokia Bell Labs Recruitment Day for Scientists & Researchers on our Paris-Saclay Campus

Nokia Bell Labs, the innovation arm of Nokia, is a global research organization with sites in the US, Europe and Asia. Built on the rich traditions of Bell Labs research - which includes the invention of the transistor, the laser, modern information theory, and the C/C++ programming language - the Labs create outstanding research and innovative technologies for networking, telecommunication and software systems.

In France, we host the 2nd worldwide Nokia Bell Labs and we conduct research in the fields of III-V photonic devices, optical transmission and signal processing, IP and fiber-optic networks, end-to-end mobile network solutions, software-defined mobile networks, algorithms and network monitoring, cybersecurity, data analysis and the mathematics of complex and dynamic networks. Nokia Bell Labs France is also highly involved in numerous collaborative research programs and shared research laboratories.

Nokia Bell Labs France (Paris-Saclay & Lannion) is especially seeking top-notch researchers in 5G wireless in order to strengthen Nokia’s leadership in the 5G standardization and future product differentiation. This includes fundamental and applied challenges in the fields of Networking and Protocols, Radio Layer, and Mobile Networking. We furthermore have interesting openings PhD level scientists to grow other areas like Computing, Mathematics, Analytics, Cybersecurity and IoT. Discover our opportunities: here