2017 Real Estate Forum - Best Places to Work

Various platforms have conducted studies to determine what makes a workplace “the best.” While these have ranked firms on a broad level across industries, the truth is that most participants in the labor force are interested in specific fields.

As a highly recognized and trusted source of information and insight to the commercial real estate community, Real Estate Forum is launching its inaugural Best Places to Work contest. Based on data collected from individual companies and their staff, we will try to determine which companies in this industry have the most rewarding workplaces and satisfied employees.

But it isn’t only established firms that may qualify. We will also have a special component recognizing the best Emerging Entrepreneurial Firms—the CRE startups that have rapidly made their presence felt in the market, and show the most promise to have a lasting impact on this business.

The company who receives the highest overall score will grace the cover of Real Estate Forum’s 2018 launch issue as CRE’s Best Place to Work in 2018, and will retain that title through the year.

Other selected firms will be recognized for outstanding performance across various areas, such as diversity initiatives, community outreach and most family-friendly environment, within the cover section.

Those chosen as Top Emerging Entrepreneurial Firms will be spotlighted in a parallel feature as part of the broader cover story.

All initial nominations should be submitted by 11.3.

The overall survey period will run through early December.



The survey is open to companies who operate in commercial real estate and related fields, including service providers, consultants and tech firms. Information collected is for US operations only

For firms with broader operations that wish to submit their real estate departments for consideration—such as law firms, institutional investors, life companies and financial institutions—please submit only the information solely relevant to the organization’s US commercial real estate practice.

Companies will be scored across three general fields:

Quality of Leadership and Organization

  • Quality of management at direct, indirect and corporate levels
  • Hiring Practices and Advancement Opportunities
  • Support of Alternative/Flexible Work
  • Institutional Policies and Priorities (i.e., focus on process vs intuition)
  • Availability of Professional Resources

Company Culture

  • Compensation, PTO and Benefits
  • Support and Training for Professional Development
  • Support for Personal Growth and Wellness
  • Employee Work/Life Balance
  • Diversity and Hiring Practices and Programs
  • Established Community Engagement Programs

Overall Employee Trust and Satisfaction

  • Employee Engagement and Camaraderie
  • Employee Confidence in Organization
  • Employee Rating of Work Environment
  • Employee Fulfillment in Current Role & Responsibilities
  • Average Employee Tenure


To begin, officially enter your firm for consideration in the contest via the Initial Nomination Form, by November 3.

CLICK HERE for further details on the entry process and the types of information each component will collect.


For inquiries about this nomination or the selection process, contact Sule Aygoren, editor-in-chief, via email or at (212) 457-9659.

For technical issues with this form, contact the help desk via email or at (800) 516-4265.