Sole and high street practitioners' conference 2017
 Saturday, 30 September 2017  
Sole and high street practitioners' conference

Our annual sole and high street practitioners' conference returns with a comprehensive update to guide you on efficient and innovative practice. Taking place on a Saturday and with a reputation as an enjoyable event to attend, this conference will appeal to solicitors working in smaller firms or sole practitioners who offer traditional high street legal services.

This year’s programme will focus upon efficiency and how to give yourself the edge. Chaired by Patricia Barclay, Bonaccord, this is a unique chance to hear from experienced and top ranked practitioners,  Registers of Scotland,  Office of the Public Guardian, and to also gain practical guidance from the Master Broker.

Finally - and as a special thank you for undertaking CPD and networking on a Saturday - we’re very pleased to present a unique addition to this year’s line-up! In “The only way is ethics” our Professional Practice team and experienced practitioners take topical look at ethical dilemmas and practice related scenarios in what promises to be a memorable and valuable panel session.

Why should I attend?

At this conference you’ll develop an understanding of:

• Recent developments from the Office of the Public Guardian and Registers of Scotland
• How to build profitability and assess billing
• Assessment of common professional practice scenarios
• The latest guidance from the Master Broker
• Innovative approaches to delivering services to new and existing clients