Innovations Call for Papers 2018
2018 Program (Tentative)
Breakout Sessions
A Cross Divisional Presentation - Lessons Learned – Sharing The Mistakes That Assessment Professionals Make [More Info]
A Framework for Systematically Integrating Policymakers into the Standard Setting Process [More Info]
A New Challenge: Making Soft Skill Measurement Specific not Spongy [More Info]
A Roadmap to Third-party Accreditation of Certification Programs: Comparison of the NCCA: 2014 and ISO/IEC 17024:2012 Standards [More Info]
Accommodations: Ask the Experts [More Info]
Artificial Intelligence and Automated Essay Scoring: The Next Measurement Frontier for Licensure & Certification? [More Info]
Automated Generation of Parallel Test Forms: A Case of Creativity Assessment [More Info]
Benefits and Challenges of Competency-Based Solutions: A Cross-Divisional Panel [More Info]
Competencies--What Are They and How Best Do We Define Them to Measure Them? [More Info]
Conducting Job Analysis with a Highly Heterogeneous Workforce [More Info]
Create a Digital Presence to Market Your Certification [More Info]
Designing Secure Continuous Assessment Strategies for Testing Programs [More Info]
Develop Desirable, Feasible, and Viable Products by Leveraging Design Science [More Info]
Developing a World-Class Performance Test [More Info]
Developing and Validating Effective Training and Compliance Programs for Test Adminstrators and Proctors [More Info]
Ditching the Paper: Developing a Custom App for Your Exam and Other Considerations for Going Digital [More Info]
Does Your Approach to Delivery Matter? An Update on Publication Strategies [More Info]
Enriching the Candidate Experience: How A Learning Ecosystem Benefits Candidates, Their Employers, And Your Certification Program [More Info]
Evaluating Large-scale Assessment Systems: State of the Art Research Strategies [More Info]
From MCQ to something new: Autoscoring of open-ended items [More Info]
Handing the Answer Key Over to the Computer: Preparing a Human-Graded Practical Exam for Computer Delivery [More Info]
Hands-on Automated Scoring [More Info]
How Assessment Goals Shape the Design of an Assessment Game [More Info]
How to Talk to Test Takers - A Primer [More Info]
Innovative Solutions to Improve the Quality of Your Items [More Info]
Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words in Certification Testing: Using Animated Items in Certification Testing [More Info]
Lessons Learned from Redesigning a Failing Candidate Score Report [More Info]
Logistical and Psychometric Considerations for Developing Online Practical Skills Assessments [More Info]
Making the Most of Job Task Analyses [More Info]
Nix ‘em with Psychometrics: Some Methods to Detect and Deter Cheating [More Info]
Outcome Based vs Competency Based Assessments: the Agony and the Ecstasy [More Info]
Personality Assessment: Contemporary Issues and Opportunities to Add Value in Testing [More Info]
Protecting Your Program from the Inside [More Info]
Psychometric Approaches to Investigate Cheating Behaviors in Admissions and Licensure Exams [More Info]
Refereeing Your Item References [More Info]
Remote Control: Updating the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate Program using Geographically-Dispersed SMEs [More Info]
Simplified Development and Scoring for Testing Real-World Skills [More Info]
Standard Setting in an Evolving Assessment Environment [More Info]
Staying Agile in an Agile World: Microsoft, IBM and SAP Provide their Lessons Learned [More Info]
Strategic Planning: A Practitioner’s Guide to Using Job Analysis to Support a Variety of Activities [More Info]
Structured Item Development for Enhancing Credentialing Programs [More Info]
Successful Self-Disruption: How to Redesign Your Credential [More Info]
Technology Enhanced Assessment – Opportunities to Innovate and Improve the Value of Testing [More Info]
Test Security: Practical Information, Strategies, and Lessons Learned [More Info]
Testing Irregularities Found! Now what? “Standing up” a global test security operation [More Info]
Testing Skills of the Canadian CPA – Psychometrians, Plug your Ears. [More Info]
The Architecture and Lasting Impression of Program Design [More Info]
The Diverse World of Credentials: Improving Transparency to Understand This Confusing World [More Info]
The Future of the Multiple Choice Question [More Info]
The Rise of Technology and Fall of Validity? [More Info]
The United Nations’ Contribution Towards a Standard for SJT Item Writing [More Info]
Translating Beyond Accommodation: A Case Study on the Adaption of Test Content for New Groups and New Instruments. [More Info]
Using Artificial Intelligence to Create the Next Generation of Personality and Creativity Assessments [More Info]
Using Innovative Tools to Reflect Current Practice and Add Value to a Medical Certification Program [More Info]
Using Principled-Design to Support Coherence in State and Local Assessment Systems [More Info]
Using Timing Information to Create Better Tests [More Info]
VelocityMatters: How Rapid Item Development Can Help Get Your Program to Market Faster and Keep It Updated More Easily [More Info]
ePoster Sessions
A Comparison of Assessment Drop Out Rates by Administration Method [More Info]
Crowdsourcing Social Desirability Estimates for Behavioral Statements [More Info]
Do the Math: Leveraging Open Source and Open Standards for Math Assessment [More Info]
Enabling the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE): Assessment, Guidance, and Learning enabled by Open Standards [More Info]
Ensuring the Equitable and Lawful Assessment of English Learners [More Info]
Involving Non-Test Experts in Test Construction [More Info]
Job Analysis: What, Why, Who, and When [More Info]
Leveraging Open Standards & Open Source for Open Innovation in Digital Assessment [More Info]
Selecting Populations for Contrasting Groups Standard Setting: Novices, Just-Barely Qualified Candidates, and Subject Matter Experts [More Info]
Setting Performance Standards on Competency-Based Assessments [More Info]
The Feasibility of Setting Multiple Cut-scores with Yes/No Angoff method for a College Level Exam [More Info]
The Value of Career Readiness Testing to College Students in China [More Info]
Training for Better Transfer in an Online Competency-Based Education Program: An Overview of the Cognitive Factors Supporting Integrated Learning and Student Success [More Info]
Using Automated Procedures to Generate Test Items for Nursing Examinations [More Info]
Who are you Kidding: Can Cloned Items Really Fool Brain Dump Users? [More Info]
Why ISO 27001 Matters for Test Publishers and Awarding Bodies [More Info]
Featured Speaker Sessions
A Chink in the Armor: Update on US Copyright Secure Test Registrations [More Info]
Challenges in Identifying Tomorrow's Leaders in Asia [More Info]
Don't Pull the Fire Alarm! Preventing Accommodations Escalations from Becoming Crises [More Info]
Is Remote Proctoring Appropriate for High Stakes Certification and Licensure Tests? [More Info]
Law Enforcement Engagement: A Practical Guide for Successful Engagement [More Info]
Psychological Testing in the Service of Disability Determination [More Info]
The Future of IO Testing is Bright, but Different [More Info]
The Time is Now: The Need for Data Mining for Performance Assessment for NGSS Practices [More Info]
Using a Generalizable Taxonomy of O*NET-Defined Competencies [More Info]
Fishbowl Discussions
A Primer on Identifying Aberrant Test Behavior With Different Analyses [More Info]
Challenges of Low Volume Exams: Leading the Conversation to Develop Guidance Across the Test Development Life Cycle [More Info]
Disruptions in Practice Testing [More Info]
Next Generation Assessment – The State of Innovations in Selection Science [More Info]
Protecting the Academic Integrity of Online Assessments Through the Use of Live and Automated Proctoring Options [More Info]
Things That Go Bump in the Night—Prioritizing Test Security Threats & Risks That Affect YOUR Test Score Validity [More Info]
Using Expert Raters to Estimate Difficulty of Multiple Choice Items on a Pre-Licensure Exam [More Info]
Innovation Debate
Can Psychometricians be Replaced with AI? [More Info]
Interactive Workshops
Adding Value to Testing: Innovations in Case Studies [More Info]
Awkward, Awful Testing Moments [More Info]
Getting from Point A to Point B when the Path is Anything but a Straight Line [More Info]
How to Identify, Develop and Implement Innovative Items with the Six Step Model [More Info]
Keep It Together: Innovative SME engagement strategies [More Info]
Make the Most of Your Stakeholders: Bringing Business Intelligence and Stakeholder Engagement Together [More Info]
Models are for More Than Just Psychometrics: Innovations in Content Development That Every Testing Organization Should Be Considering Seriously [More Info]
Retesting on High-Stakes Examinations: Research, Policy and Practice [More Info]
Soup to Nuts - Fundamentals of Content Development [More Info]
The Future of Accessibility [More Info]
The Use of Resampling Techniques for Improving Equating Accuracy [More Info]
unConference Workshop - ATP Innovations 2018 [More Info]
Peas in a Pod Discussions
A Q&A Session with Experts to Overcome Test Development Challenges: A Continuation of Our 2017 Conversation [More Info]
Baking In Test Security From the Start: A strategic recipe for increasing exam protection [More Info]
Fieldwork: Investigator Stories [More Info]
Lessons Learned from Developing Remote Proctored Performance-Based Exams [More Info]
Love Your Enemies [More Info]
Practical Experiences in Implementing Various Test Delivery Models [More Info]
The Value of Credible Employability Skills Credentials: Implications for Employers, and Individuals in a Changing Global Workplace [More Info]
When Setting the Standard is Not So Standard: Addressing Challenges in Recertification Standard Setting [More Info]
Product Demonstrations
Adding Online Formative Testing to your Assessment Strategy [More Info]
Assessment meets Enterprise Content Management (ECM) [More Info]
Beyond Test Day: Empowering Testing Organizations to Take Control of Candidate Success [More Info]
Blending MCQ & Performance Based Senarios in ONE Environment [More Info]
CaveonTrace™: Detecting & Deterring Test Theft by Watermarking with SmartItems [More Info]
Creativity: Measuring one's creative abilities using artificial intelligence and open-ended tasks [More Info]
FastTest: Can We Automate Psychometrics with AI? [More Info]
Limitless Innovation by Use of Open Standards [More Info]
Mapping Occupations and Achievements with Cognitive Computing [More Info]
PediatricSim: Demo and Research Results of a 3D Medical Skills Assessment Simulation [More Info]
Security and Privacy in Test Delivery [More Info]
Sero!: Learning Assessment Using Concept Maps [More Info]
Site Readiness [More Info]
The Learn Feedback Program – Using a Valid Feedback Instrument to Improve Delivering and Receiving Feedback in the Workplace [More Info]
This Doesn't Feel Like a Test at All! A Positive Assessment Platform for Math. [More Info]
Working Together: Diagnostic and Interim Assessment Data to Impact Student Learning Outcomes [More Info]