On Air, Tuesday 25th April
Investing in ETFs to navigate uncertainty

Inflows into exchange-traded funds have been on the rise as low cost passive investments gain wider appeal among UK investors. These passive vehicles are still a relatively new offering so advisers will want to gain an understanding of what ETFs are and how they offer diversification in a portfolio through exposure to a range of asset classes, from commodities such as gold, to currencies and more thematic investments.

FTAdviser has put together a panel of experts to discuss how to use ETFs in a portfolio and the macroeconomic factors driving investor inflows into ETFs.

Emma-Ann Hughes, editor, FTAdviser.com
James Butterfill, head of research, ETF Securities
Deborah Fuhr, managing partner and co-founder, ETFGI
Helal Miah, investment research analyst, The Share Centre

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1) How to use ETFs

What are exchange-traded products and how can they help to achieve diversification in a portfolio?

2) The impact of populism

Populism is on the rise across much of the developed economies. Has quantitative easing increased inequality? And where can investors find protection across the asset class spectrum?

3) Improving commodities fundamentals

Exchange-traded funds are frequently used in a portfolio to provide exposure to individual commodities. What is the outlook for commodities and how reliant are they on China’s continued growth?