Practical Basics and Theory in Emulsion Technology


Wednesday, August 23, 2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

National Office: 120 Wall Street Suite 2400, New York, NY 10005

Course Instructor: Mark Chandler

WHO SHOULD ATTENDThis course will be good for sales and marketing personnel who want to gain greater insight on emulsion formulation, quality control and manufacturing personnel who would like to gain an appreciation for the products they are testing and producing and formulators who want to learn more and better ways to make oil and water peacefully coexist.

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This course will include the following:

I. Introduction to Emulsions - Formulating
A. Definitions
1. o/w oil-in water
2. w/o water-in-oil
B. Physical Chemistry of Emulsions
1. Surface Tension
2. Colligative Properties
3. Micelles
4. HLB
5. Emulsion Stabilizing Methods
6. Liquid Crystals
C. Designing Emulsions
1. Where to start
2. How to get a specific feel
3. Ingredients
a. How to find
b. Suppliers
c. Functions

II. Emulsions - Concepts
A. Emulsifier Behavior
B. Emulsifier location and Phases
C. Polymeric emulsifiers
D. Emulsions without emulsifiers
E. Viscosity and rheology

III. Emulsions - Evaluations
A. Stability
B. Efficacy
C. Safety
D. Preservation
E. Claim Substantiation

IV. Emulsions - Processing
A. Definitions
B. Mixing
C. Homogenization
D. Heat transfer
E. Scale-up effects
F. Use of the Microscope

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